reach BM!

The Bar Convent

The Bar Convent is a large building on the corner of Blossom Street and Nunnery Lane. It’s just a short walk from the rail station, where most of the bus lines also stop. Several buses stop directly outside the Bar Convent on Blossom Street (FirstYork #1, #4) and on Nunnery Lane (P&R #7).The main entrance is on Blossom Street, but this is a busy main road with no parking.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. To find the Bar Convent, simply follow this link!

Disabled access

If you have reasonable dexterity, hearing and vision, you should be able to manage our games. Playing boardgames is very much like a dining experience. If you can handle a restaraunt, you can handle BM!.

Inside the building, wheelchair users can reach our rooms easily, and there is a disabled toilet one flight up (lift access). However, to enter the building from Blossom St, you must phone Reception on 01904 643238 and they will bring a ramp out for the steps. The doorbell is not at pavement level (due to pranks).

At 4pm, the main door is closed, but staff will still be available to place the ramp for you. However, the Reception switches to an answerphone with a mobile number.


If you’re driving to York, we recommend using the most convenient Park & Ride site around York. They all stop around the station, and it’s just a short walk from there. The cost will be around £2.70 return per person (family tickets available too).

If you wish to park closer, there is the Nunnery Lane car park just round the corner on, er, Nunnery Lane. See the link for costs – currently around £11 for a whole day.


Numerous buses stop outside the Bar Convent on Blossom Street – notably, the White #3 (Askham Bar) and Turquoise #59 (Poppleton Bar) Park & Ride buses. For locals, the #1, #4, #10, #12 and #13 also do.

Most other bus services stop at the Railway Station or Rougier Street, which are only a short walk from the Bar Convent.

Walking from the Railway Station

As you leave the station, turn right, and follow the road over the “bridge” on Queen Street. You’ll come up a small hill to a set of traffic lights at Micklegate bar – cross straight over. You are now standing next to the Bar Convent; look for the front door on Blossom Streeet.


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