friends BM!

Well, friends of BM! but style over substance.

There are a lot more public game groups in the region since we started in 2005. Here are some for you to try out. Just basic information, so we don’t leave out-of-date information about clubs (like locations, dates, etc…)

Off and running, a new group in Scarborough Let My Meeples Go (facebook, twitter).

Trying to start up, a new club in Ilkley is looking for a venue. If you’re in the area, get in touch and show some support. You only need a few regulars to start a club and then people find you.

There’s an informal group in Otley every week.

Leeds is of course well served. We know of the Headingley Games Club, the Leeds Meeples (twitter) and Leeds Gaming (twitter).

Remember, Travelling Man in Leeds also runs a boardgame night. All the TM shops run events, especially MTG, but the Leeds shop has room to run large sessions. The TM shop in Newcastle also runs games sessions too.

Farther afield, there’s a nice group in Durham and a short train ride away is one of the best in the area, our very own Newcastle Gamers.

Worth a mention too, the Newcastle Playtest group will help you playtest your new game design. And a new playtest group may be starting up soon too.


2 thoughts on “friends BM!

  1. Kevin McKie says:

    Hi BM,
    can I plug my little gaming group in Hessle near Hull. Anyone interested get in touch with me please.
    We play 3 times a week Sundays, 7-10, Mondays and Thursdays 8.30- midnight. We play anything tabletop wise CCG’s, Euro’s, Ameritrash but with a leaning probably towards Euro’s.

  2. Jochen Tietze says:

    Hello gaming folks,

    I will be back in York from April 4 to April 8 (gaming included). If anybody has some spare floor space for the night and a shower it would be very much appreciated.
    Best regards to the BM crowd.

    Jochen/John from Nuremberg

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