visit BM!


We meet on every 1st and 3rd Saturday, 10am to 9pm.
We meet on every 2nd and 4th Friday evening, 5pm to 9pm.
We meet in the Aspinal Room (and usually the Gascoigne Room) at The Bar Convent, York. See Reach BM! for full details of finding us, parking, access, etc.

Your first visit is FREE!
After that, Saturdays are £4 adults, usual concessions £3, children FREE all day. Saturdays after 5pm are £2 for anyone. Fridays are £2 adults, concessions £1, children FREE. Children must be accompanied by an adult (sorry, we’re not a creche).
The Bar Convent does have disabled access. See below for details.


We usually spot newcomers as they come in, but please walk right in and ask anybody to point out one of the organisers present. Literally, stop the nearest person to you, whatever they’re playing, and say “I’m new here!”. If you’re completely new to modern games, we will find something to play and sit you down with nice people to start right away.

We are genuinely a friendly, chatty club. You do not have to know anybody or any of the games to join in. If you played a game you didn’t like, say what you didn’t like and we’ll find something better for you. If you liked a game, say why you liked it and we can pick something else. Almost always, somebody will coach the game, explain how it works, and help you in a friendly way. It’s very rare anybody has to read a rulebook. As a new player, unless you already know lots of eurogames, you won’t get roped into a 3 hour slog.


You can stay as long or little as you like. Some people just stay till lunch, some all day. Lots just come in after 4pm, we’re still busy up to closing. As soon as you’ve paid on your arrival (ask an organiser), you can come and go as you like.

The Bar Convent has an excellent cafe open till 4pm. Members get a 10% discount at the cafe with a validated member’s card. You may bring food or drink from the cafe into our rooms. You may not consume your own food or drink on the premises. If you bring a packed lunch, you will have to leave the premises to consume it. Only water or sweets are allowed, or food and drink from the cafe. Please respect this restriction gracefully.


On your first visit, just bring your own curiosity. Wait until you see our games and then you’ll know what to bring if anything. Apart from our 500 game collection, many regulars bring new or longer games. If there’s something you really want to play, especially a heavier game, it’s better to get to know people first and arrange a game at the club.


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