No Meet This Friday!

Hi everyone, just a short update to let you all know there is no meet this Friday, but we will be at Travelling Man tomorrow. Also more information about the Ticket to Ride tournament in another update soon.


Emerging from the Essen depths with games #SubTerra

Hi everybody, and thanks for Jim for last week’s update. There’s some news and new games, but first our regular message: we have our normal meet this Saturday from 10am until 9pm in the Bar Convent. All board gamers welcome, or people who want to try out boardgaming for that matter. Remember: your first visit is FREE!

Essen Essen! I have got a load of games with me from Essen, inclusing Magic Maze (plus expansion), Fabled Fruits (plus expansion) and Keyper (no expansion 😦 ). In addition, I have the Artifex Deck for ‘Gric (this means I have a deck Michael doesn’t have now!), as well as the Feast For Odin Maps for the club! Amazing times. We also have another game, but I’ll post that in the game recommendation of the week bit.

Right, now over to John:

“Thank’s Mark, great update by the way! Hello everybody, we’re currently having something of a clear out of the BM! cupboard. The following games, which we understand haven’t been played for sometime, have been removed from the shelves and put in 2 boxes on the rhs of the floor in the games cupboard:
Hab & Gut
Hansa Teutonica
La Citta
League of Six
Legends of Andor
Montego Bay
Mousquetaires du Roy
Notre Dame
Vasco de Gama
Winners Circle
This has been done to create shelf space for new games and make it easier to find the games that are being played.  Feel free to extract any of these games to play and/or replace on the shelves, if you want to play it again in the future.  Any of these games still in the boxes after Xmas will be auctioned/sold.”
Now, obviously John’s joking about Dixit, but what about the rest? Now is the chance for you to save your favourite game, or at least get it for cheap. Also John has more:
“Provided a minimum 8 entries are received, BM will be running a Ticket to Ride Christmas Tournament at BM on Saturday 02 December.  No extra entry fee over and above usual club fees (£4, £2 concessions) – friends/new members welcome.  Several prizes to be won!  Entries asap (we may have to limit to 25 depending on how many copies we can borrow) to John McCullough at the club or to  Format will be two qualifying rounds at 1030 & 1300 and final ranking round circa 1515.”
So if you want to be part of a BM! Ticket To Ride tournament, hurry up and put your name down, or email John at the above address. If we don’t get the names it won’t go ahead- so make sure you put yours down!
Right, now it’s finally time for the Game Recommendation of the Week:

Sub Terra

This was voted best Euro Style boardgame at the UK Games Expo this week, and lest any sights of me in an ITB t-shirt lead to accusations of bias, we now have the game so you can decide for yourselves. Sub Terra is a co-operative game of emerging from an underground caving system filled with cave-ins, floods, and something much worse… If you played it at Airecon last year, you’ll know I died horribly whilst everyone else survived, which is the kind of self sacrifice you want to be able to make in a co-op. Sub Terra is very straightforward to play, and will take 1-6 players about 45 minutes to get lost in the caves.
Also, don’t forget, we will be in Travelling Man during the day on Thursday. Happy gaming!

Meet this Friday

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that Beyond Monopoly! will be on this Friday from  5 until 9, as well as Travelling Man during the day tomorrow.


Also, let’s give a big thank-you to Flav for demonstrating the upcoming Batman game four (yes, four!) times last Saturday. I didn’t play it myself, but it seemed to go down well. Hopefully we’ll see the published game in the new year!

Play the new Batman game at BM! York

Hello everybody, welcome to Beyond Monopoly, York’s friendliest boardgaming club. This weekend we have a special meet on Saturday 21st October, special because Flav is bringing a copy of the as-yet-unreleased Batman game to the club. Although, never mind unreleased, it’s not even on Kickstarter yet. Given the incredible success of their previous game. Conan, and the amount of praise for it’s mechanics from critics, when it’s combined with the Batman IP the resulting game is sure to be a behemoth. But you can play it NOW*! If you’re interested, and all should be, you can email to secure a place, or just come along on Saturday and see if there are spots available. We are at the Bar Convent, Blossom Street, York, and open from 10am until 9pm. A short 1 minute walk from the train station, near the centre of town, send me a message if your driving for free parking instructions. Your first visit is absolutely free.


Of course, in addition to that we have hundreds of other boardgames to play, everything from 5 minute party games, through the gamut of social deduction, dexterity, oodles of strategy with every mechanic under the sun, recent Spiel winners, and those from years gone by, and games which will take you the entire day to play (shout out the the brave Here I stand players, who actually sat for all of last week). So if you’re coming just for Batman, be prepared to spend even longer when you see what we have. And if you don’t like Batman, come along anyway for everything else.

Obviously the game recommendation of the week is Batman!, but seeing as that’s only with us for one day, here’s another:

Imperial 2030

Imperial 2030 is not a war game. It looks like one, and some people might play it like one, and lose it like one, but it’s not one. It’s an economic game, more akin to Chicago Express than Risk. Each player invests in countries, then builds up the countries military and expands, in order to tax the country and skim off the top. The wealthiest player wins. The hook comes from the fact that only the player who has invested the most in a country can control it, but as soon as another player invests more, control of that country siwtches to them. You’ve just built a large Russian army? Great, I’ll just take control of Russia and use it to conquer your Chinese regions. It’s even fun when you don’t own a majority share in any country, and can sit back, watching other players battle it out, whilst you sit happily as the swiss bank investing in every winner. It’s a genius game, very fun, and it’s great to see it played so much at the club.


Please note, a number of rules regarding the game have been played incorrectly:

Taxation- you work out the power bonus for countries and bonus for the player BEFORE paying out for army units. Also, the player who gets the bonus takes it from the country, not the bank.

Manoeuvre- you cannot manoeuvre into a countries last factory. Every country should have at least one factory working at all times.

I think that’s it.


See you on Saturday!

*in a weeks time


1st Saturday Meet in October- this Saturday 7th

Hi everyone, sorry for the late update, but as Autumn descends, bringing with it a five Saturday month, it’s easy to forget that that means two BM Saturdays in a row. We have our first October meet this Saturday in the Bar Convent, all welcome, from 10am until 9pm. As the days get colder and the warmth of the Bar Convent beckons I hope to see people enjoying some classic long games like Agricola. Or short games like Dobble. Or any games really. So come along this Saturday to play some fun boardgames.

Also, Thursday’s in Travelling Man, during the day we’ll have some people playing games upstairs in there, so come along there too.

BATMAN! Flav has only had a few sign ups for Batman the Boardgame, so if you are interested put your name down. This is a great opportunity to try before you pledge of a very hot property.  I know I want a game, which will be next Saturday, so try and sign up before then if you can.

Game of the week…

Le Havre

Le Havre is a steel shipping game masquerading as a resource gathering/ economy building game. Each round you get between 1 and 3 actions, depending on the number of people and where you little ship is in the pecking order. On a turn you can either visit a building and do the action, or take resources. In addition, you can sell and buy as many buildings as you want/ can afford. After a round is over you have to eat, an ever increasing amount as you get more gluttonous as the game proceeds. To help you with this you can buy or build boats, which automatically feed your people, but come at a high cost. With an impressive amount of resources, loads of buildings, ways to score points and strategies this is a really fun Uwe classic. But, be warned, it is actually a game about shipping steel. So ship steel.

Le Havre plays loads of people but don’t play with more than 4, and probably 3, in a couple of hours. It’s a classic Rosenburger. And if you don’t know if you enjoy the taste, give it a go.


Fifth Saturday meet this Saturday!

Hi everyone, just a quick update today to remind/ inform you we have a fifth Saturday meet this Saturday. All welcome for board gaming- Bar Convent, 10am until 9pm. We also have gaming tomorrow in Travelling Man. Secondly (and finally) a small thankyou to Osprey Games for sending us a free copy of their latest co-op:

The Lost Expedition

If you fancy a game it’ll be there on Saturday. See you then!