Meet this Saturday (& some July date changes)

Hi everybody, we have our regular meet at the Bar Convent this Saturday from 10am until 9pm. Now important information about further meets in July. We have the Bar Convent for the following dates:

Sat 1st
Fri  7th 
Fri  14th
Sat 22nd
Sat 29th
It’s an extra funny month- there are 5 Saturdays, but the third is a race day and something is on at the Bar Convent. Hopefully this will be a good assortment of dates for everyone to get their gaming fix.
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Now Random Encounters want to launch a pop-culture cafe in York, which sure sounds like a swell thing. I believe they have a Kickstarter up and running, so check out their facebook page here:
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Game Recommendation of the Weeeeek
Can I put Feast for Odin here again? I can’t? Oh. Well in that case it’s

Great Western Trail 

And not just because Flav knows how to play it as well as me. Great Western Trail is a superb deck-builder/ hand-sorter. Travel through Western America buying cattle, hiring folk, building stops, paying to go through hazards, dealing with Indians and moving your train. There’s always a train. I think I wrote about it 2 weeks ago, but it is a really good Euro. Expect to invest a couple of hours into it though. And some advice: whilst you don’t need to get new cows, or even aim high on the train track, to win, it definitely helps.

Meet on Friday

Hi everybody, another quick update for another evening meet this Friday at the Bar Convent, 5-9pm. Just want to say thanks to everybody who tried one of our new games- isn’t Feast For Odin fantastic (yes, yes it is). As is Great Western Trail. I hope to teach these games to as many people as possible, so that I don’t have to be part of a group that plays them. Of course, feel free to read up on the rules or watch a youtube video of the games beforehand if you’re interested. If you do want to learn them, I will endeavour to be playing them when I’m at BM! for the forseeable future, or even just teaching them. Even if you hate learning new games, I promise to be concise but informative- games taught in under twenty minutes or your time back! With less than 3 rules errors. And this includes games I haven’t played myself (such as Nothing Personal). So if you want to play:

Feast For Odin

Great Western Trail

Nothing Personal

Key to the City London

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

Just let me know at the club and I’ll see what I can do, or watch a couple of videos and see how you get on with them.

Also, gaming at Travelling Man on Thursday. Mustn’t forget that.

A Feast for Gaming #brandnewgameswhooo!

Hello everybody! Lets get down to it: we will be gaming this Saturday from 10am until 9pm and here are some reasons why you should come:

If you’ve never been before we are all incredibly friendly and play incredibly good games.

It’s the first one I’ll have attended in about a month!

NEW GAMES! (not that we have a games deficit, but still)

So what are our new games…

Key to the City – London

A brilliant worker placement/ bidding game. A streamlined version of Keyflower, with each player building their own borough in London with 3D buildings.

Nothing Personal

Influence gangsters and cause some to sleep with the fishes to gain control of the family in this mafia game (also I got our copy signed).

Great Western Trail

Get cattle and change out cattle as you journey up to sell them, build buildings and recruit people to help you (it’s a genuinely brilliant game, one of the best from last year).

Celestia: A Little Help

I’ll be honest, I have no idea about this, as I haven’t even opened it yet. Expansion for a fantastic little game we’ve got though, so I’m confident it’s a great little addition.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

I know this contravenes my ‘no expansions’ rule, but Waterdeep is one of our most popular games and it’s got to the stage where this expansion is always spoken of highly, plus it was a good price.


get ready…

A Feast for Odin

This one is a beast. A massive box and a hefty weight. 61(!) choices in a worker placement game, it’s super-hyper-Agricola meets Patchwork as you try to fit all the items you claim into spaces for bonuses and points. I will be teaching this game (it plays up to 4 players in about 2 hours or longer for the first time), and if you haven’t played it, trust me, it needs teaching. So please take me up on this offer. Otherwise I’ll end up playing it solo.


See you on Saturday!

Well, how was the weekend for you?

Because I’m knackered. Still. Only been back for a couple of days and straight into work. The UKGames Expo was AMAZING, I don’t use all capitals very often. In fact, probably never. Thankyou to everybody who came to see us at our stall (me and Fi), we had a great time, got some awesome feedback, and even did a bit of Apprentice style salesmanship, by selling Card Game of UKGames Expo 2017 Statecraft (this was down to our amazing ability to learn a game and teach it in the blink of an eye). Also I ought to give a shout out to Sub Terra* as that won best Euro of UKGames Expo 2017, and Peter got us our stand and moved us to the front on the busiest day for games sales when he just had a load of stock in, which shows a hell of a lot of faith. Also I just found out Ominoes won best abstract, which I feel I ought to mention because Andrew from YAY Games is always nice to us whenever we scamper by. There’s other stuff to mention, including some news which I think will impress some people, and I’m not even talking about the amazing bargains and haggling I did (I made better deals then Trump could dream of. Fact).

Anyway, I’ve just realised I’ve turned this into my own personal blog, which I try not to do. I would talk about the new games I’ve got, but I won’t be there this Friday, and I don’t want to spoil them by telling you and making you wait. Nothing personal, but we’ve a feast of games, and I’d be a scoundrel if I left a great trail of clues as a key to the games we bought. We also got the Celestia expansion.

So, gaming this Friday. Bar Convent, 5 until 9pm. Usual drill- if the doors closed ring the bell and you should be given entry. Fantastic games with great people and a pub opposite. What more could a gamer want? Answer nothing.

Still no game recommendation of the week I’m afraid. I’m saving myself.


*Which we’ve kickstarted, so it’ll arrive soon.

Saturday- change of venue to St Chads

Hi everybody, another brief post today (and late! I ought to pull my socks up with this bloggin). Anyway, it’s an important update because we are in a different location this Saturday. We are in St Chads, off the Knavesmire. Those of you who have been there before will be familiar with the place, but others of you, so here’s a map:

It’s easily accessible by buses, ample parking, and gaming should take place from 10 until 9, as usual.

I hope you enjoy gaming there, but I’m afraid I won’t be there. Why? Because I’ll be at the UK Games Expo!!! ME and Fi have our stand up, doing something, and I encourage all of you who are going to visit us. Here’s a little map I made:


What a place! If you are going down come and say hi, also we’ll be there all weekend, so always up for gaming at any time (unless we’re working). Also I know Flav is working on a stand, and a few other members are in the playtest zone, so keep your eyes open for everyone. See you there, and if not, enjoy Saturday!

Meet this Friday!

Sorry about the lateness and brevity, it’s been hectic (maths exams) and also I forgot about the update. We have a meet in the Bar Convent this Friday, from 5pm-9pm. Come along and play all the games you want (within the allotted time frame). Hope everyone had fantastic gaming on Saturday- I know I did, great games of Through the Ages and even sort-of successfully solving a Sherlock Holmes quest. Also, gaming this Thursday at Travelling Man.


Next weekend we are at St Chads, not the Bar Convent. More details next week. Until then, happy gaming!

Meet this Saturday! (escape the rain, borrow a game)

Hi everyone, we have a meet this Saturday, at the Bar Convent from 10am until 9pm. If the weather is anything like today then I expect to see you there. A reminder everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first, second or fifty-eighth time (or any time, I’m not going to list all the numbers. You get the picture). Also a pre-emptive apology if you’ve been before and I ask if it’s your first time. I want to make sure if you haven’t been before you’re not lost, but I’m also forgetful.

This weekend: I’ll be teaching Through The Ages (and Paul will be correcting me). Pretty amazing game, and I’m really glad someone asked me to teach it. If there’s a game you’d like to play but don’t know how, then just ask. If I don’t offer to teach it, I’ll get someone else to, or you can always take it home and learn to play it.

You see, our games collection is actually one of the most amazing games libraries there is. If you want to borrow a game just leave a deposit with Mike and you can! I challenge anybody to find somewhere else which can lend them anything from Camel Up to Die Macher. Not alphabetically you understand, as C-D would be quite a small range, but in terms of broadness of games.

Also: Thursday at Travelling Man. If you like games and are in York on Thursday, go there (from 10am).

UK Games Expo soon. Only a few people responded to my suggestion of a group visit, so whilst I advise you to go (seriously it’s amazing boardgamingness), I’m afraid you’ll have to make your own way there. Or group together. Trains are pretty good from York (that’s how I went the first two times). Also, what was the final verdict on Dragon and Flagon? If the club says get rid I’ll see if I can swap it for cash or something good.

Game of the Week…


I’ve only played this once, but actually it’s a clever simple little thing. Nifty with time movement and turn order, very simple war rules, and various paths to victory. In this game you control armies taking over regions and controlling resources. With those resources you research technologies. The technologies let you get more resources, armies, or help you with movement or combat. But make sure you also stay in good faith, as the Gods can mess up plans. So far, so ordinary long 4x, but Olympos is firstly extremely straightforward. Streamlined to the hilt. Secondly, everyhting you do takes time (metaphorically). Time is a resource, and like in Tinners Trail, whoever has spent the least moves until someone else has spent the least. It’s just a gentle fun little 4x-lite. Olympos plays up to 5 people in about an hour.