Meet This Saturday

Sorry folks, it’s been a hectic week, hence this brief and late notice- we have a meeting on Saturday, Bar Convent from 10 until 9, everyone welcome and remember- your first visit is free!


Also AGM next Wednesday, 7:30 Bar Convent. Cheers


Meet on Friday! #NewSpeak Launch Party! AGM on Wed 7th Feb and more!

Hello everybody! What an exhaustive and exciting time. First, we have a meet this Friday, 5pm until 10pm at the Bar Convent. As always, everyone is welcome, so if you find yourself wanting to play some boardgames on Friday, come along.

We have our AGM on Wednesday the 7th Feb in the Bar Convent at 7:30. This is an essential meeting and it’s important we have as many people as possible to share viewpoints and help out. If you can make it, please come along, even if it’s only for part of the meeting, we want everybody to have a say in how BM is run.

Now for something slightly different…

Newspeak is now on Kickstarter!

(click the K to go to the actual Kickstarter page).

Me and Fiona were able to go to the launch event yesterday, and a great time was had by all. Whilst the game was already great in its early stages, it has been improved into frankly, a work of art. Take a look at some of our photos:

Amazing stuff, and a fantastic time.

Airecon has now got tickets for the big board team event. Checkout Airecon here:


There’s probably other stuff I’ve missed. If so send me an email, or post a comment.



AGM- important announcement Wednesday Feb 7th

Hi everyone, we have our Beyond Monopoly AGM on Wednesday the 7th February at 7:30pm in the Bar Convent. It’s really important that everybody who wants to have a say in the running of the club attends. This year we have a lot to discuss, including fees, games purchasing and selling, and events. We will also need people to take on some roles to help support the club. So please come along if you can- Bar Convent, Wednesday 7th February at 7:30 pm.

Meet this Saturday!

Hi everyone, we have a meet this Saturday at the Bar Convent 10am until 9pm. Loads of games for everybody, if you’ve been before you’ll know what we’re about. If you haven’t then come along and see for yourself! We’re a very friendly group, and welcoming to all new gamers.

We will be having our AGM very soon, looking at dates in the first week in February. Please come along, we need as many people as are willing to help out with the club, and we have lots of things to discuss (such as games purchases and membership fees).

New game coming along on kickstarter soon…

Airecon! Yorkshire’s gaming convention runs from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March. It’s a really fun small convention, and a lot of people enjoyed it last year. Transport from York to Harrogate is really simple, with regular trains or a simple 30 minute drive. Tickets are available now.


Game of the week…

Libertalia (2012)
Players manage a team of pirates and send them onto a pirate ship. Each pirate has different abilities, activated at different times, and by choosing the most appropriate pirates you have to collect the most treasure. The pirates are randomised from the start, but all players get to select from the same group. Libertalia plays for up to 6 players in about an hour.

Meet this Friday (also we need your help with things!)

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great days gaming on Saturday, and that you got your BM card stamped for this year! If you didn’t, or you don’t have a BM Card, just a reminder club members get 10% off games at travelling Man and Waterstones when presenting a stamped up to date card, so come along and get one if you don’t! We will be gaming this Friday from 5pm at the Bar Convent, and everybody, whether a member or not, is welcome.

Now, a few things are coming up which we’ll need your help with:

BM AGM- our AGM will be in early February. I’ll post the exact date, time and location when I know more, but there will be lots to discuss at the AGM and we need your input. We will also need some new comittee members, so if you’re interested in helping run the club please come along!

Saturday 28th April we will be at York Library! This is a fantastic opportunity to get boardgaming, and especially boardgaming at BM! out there and hopefully make a lot more people interested in modern boardgaming. We’ll need about 8 people to help out, explain rules, manage tables etc, so please let us know if you can do it. The times are 13:00-16:30.


Friday 9th- Sunday 11th March is Airecon, Yorkshire’s biggest gaming convention. Last year, amongst other great things (such as winning the boardgaming pub quiz championship) we were able to play Codenames: Duet before anywhere else. This year promises even more delights (and Mark has advertised our club on his page) so save a space in your diary for this weekend.

Happy New Year! First meet of 2018 this Saturday!

Hi everybody, just a quick update to hope you all had a great Christmas, now’s the time to come and play those boardgames you got (or didn’t get) at the club this Saturday. As always, everyone is welcome, and if you got a game but don’t know the rules bring it along- chances are somebody at the club knows how to play it.

I also want to say a big thankyou to Osprey Games for providing the club with a free copy of Martin Wallace’s London (second edition) . So if you think that might be up your street you can come along and give it a play.

So that’s this Saturday, 10am- 9pm in the Bar Convent. Hope to see you all there!

It’s Christmas! (nearly) last meet of 2017 this Saturday.

Hello everybody, and a big thanks to everyone who helped out on Friday! This Saturday is our last BM of the year (awwww!), so if you want to get some gaming goodness in before 2018 make sure you do this weekend. We meet at the Bar Convent on Saturday from 10am until 9pm, and everyone is welcome.

I forgot to say last week, but it was fantastic to say a lot of people at the Ticket to Ride Tournament, especially those of you who hadn’t been able to make it along for a while. I hope you all enjoyed it, and to see you again soon.

Don’t forget- we will be at Travelling Man upstairs during the day on Thursday. If you go please check that we still have our poster up on the board!

As it’s Christmas it’s time for the Christmas recommendation of 2017:

6 nimmt! (1994)

6 Nimmt! Is one of my highlights from this years Essen. I had it on my list (buy for cheap immediately) after playing it repeatedly at the club and knowing how well it would go down at work. And how well did it go down, it’s been played approx 40 times since I bought it, and 2 other colleagues have bought their own personal copies. Whilst that’s recommendation enough, let’s see what the game is about:

Each player is dealt 10 cards. 4 cards are laid out. Each player chooses a card and reveals them simultaneously. They then place them in order of size, placing them next to the card below them. If you place the 6th card in a row, you take the row. Which you don’t want to do, as the most points loses.

Simple, straightforward and quick to play. A true classic. 6 Nimmt! plays up to 10 players in about 10 minutes.