Selling BM!

Selling Beyond Monopoly!

The club sells games on to make room for new ones. Members benefit from this and can sell some games of their own.

The club routinely sells off games that have not been popular with members, but you or your family may love. Most are priced at £5 or £3, some at £10. If a game has a price sticker on it, check with an organiser, pay cash money and take it away. We are open to reasonable offers on unpriced games too.

If you are a regular visitor, you’ll find it easy to sell surplus games at the club. First of all, try offering them to the club directly. We are choosy, we don’t take any old game, but if it’s our kind of thing, we pay £5 or £10 depending on the game and condition.

Lots of our club collection has been donated by members, especially when they bought a game they didn’t like but knew others would. Please consider the club first when you’re disposing of games.

Secondly, if you want to sell some games, make up a list of the games, prices and condition. Include your contact details, bring it in and pass it around the club for people to put their name against. The club is not going to underwrite any sales, but we will help games reach buyers. We accept no liability for any losses incurred by any party in these matters.


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