2016 7 Wonders Tournament 3rd December

This page will be updated as things occur to us.

Most recent update (15th Nov)

We have a whole bunch of prizes to give away! 2 Copies of 7 Wonders with Playmats, a copy of Troll Hunt by D6 Games, a whole bunch of smaller games, and soon some other stuff.

Also, everyone* will get an alternate art Palace card just for entering


*Numbers permitting.


We are running our unofficial 7 Wonders tournament on Saturday 3rd Decmber 2016 from 11am. We’ll be using the Bedingfield Room in the Bar Convent in York for the tournament, whilst our normal gaming continues in the Aspinal and Gascoigne Rooms.

Entry to the tournament is £4, £2 concessions, but that includes full access to Beyond Monopoly! for the rest of the day. Please note, you are not allowed to consume your own food or drink on the premises. If you bring a packed lunch, you have to leave the building to eat it. Food from the cafe in the Bar Convent may be brought to our rooms as normal.

There are prizes! We have a number of brand new in shrink games for the overall winner and winners of other awards. Many thanks to the people who donated them, see the front page of the blog for regular updates (I’ll update here with prizes once revealed too).

You can register your entry in advance to secure your spot. We can seat up to 35 players. Otherwise, you’ll need to register on the morning before 10.45am.

Please make sure you know how to play before entering the tournament. We will not be explaining the game or how to play on the day. Furthermore, we will not be allowing players to take their turn over. We will be playing basic 7 Wonders with no expansions. Play will be quick and to the letter of the game. The organisers decisions will be final.

The tournament schedule will be confirmed shortly.

The tournament will be run as a Swiss style tournament, with the stronger players being pitted against each other after the first game. For the first game, players will be allocated their table randomly. For each game, the wonders will be distributed randomly on the table, then the players will be seated randomly. For the first, third and fifth games, players will use the A side of their wonders. For the second and fourth games, players will use the B side of their wonders.

After each game, the best scoring player will get 0 points, the next best will get 2 points, the 3rd player gets 3 points and so on to the 7th player who gets 7 points. The scorecards for each game will be signed off by the 1st and last placed players whilst the other players re-set the table for the next game.

Each game will last only 30 minutes maximum and will end even if the game wasn’t finished. If a game is not completed in time all players score 7 points, unless the 6 on the table agree that one individual deliberately slowed the game down, in which case that individual scores 8 points and everyone else on the table scores 4 points.

That’s all for now. Registration is open. Speak to an organiser in the club, or drop an email to bmyork@gmail.com, especially if you have a question.

Check out these posters!