games BM!

We like playing modern games, stuff published in the last decade or so. All sorts, eurogames, strategy games, family games, card games, dice games, dexterity games, railway games…

Let us expand on that. We play games like Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, Agricola, Le Havre, The Resistance, 7 Wonders, Manhattan, Nuns On The Run, Settlers Of Catan, Power Grid, Who’s The Ass?, Apples To Apples, and so on. You can see our club collection here. Members bring in lots of their own games too, especially very new releases.

You don’t have to know any games or rules, we’re happy to sit down and explain the games for you.

But we don’t do…

CCGs – not really our thing, you can play CCGs elsewhere in York. Ask at Travelling Man on Goodramgate, they’ll be able to help you. We do play deck-building games like Dominion and Thunderstone.

Wargames & Minifigs – There’s a great Wargames Society in York already, they meet in Guppy’s on Nunnery Lane on Monday nights. We do have lots of experienced wargamers though, and chit-based games get played at BM!.

Abstracts – Again, not our bag really, but we do play Zatre and lots of word games. York’s Chess Club meets in the RI too and there’s a backgammon club in York. If you want to play Poker, well Leeds has several casinos.

Monopoly – NO! We are trying to show people that there is life after Monopoly. You can leave those creaking old games at home. We’ve a ton of modern games you will be very happy with. We did have Escape From Colditz, Illuminati, Diplomacy, but they didn’t get played, so moved on.


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