tell BM!

I’ve removed the poll. Instead,here you can post comments if you want, but this page is kind of hidden away from the main page which is the most commonly read. So, if you want to tell us something here’s a contact form instead!



If you still want to leave a comment on this page that’s fine, but I encourage you to comment on the relevant blog post on the front page instead. It’ll get more views that way.


5 thoughts on “tell BM!

  1. Rooster says:


    trying to find a table top/wargaming club near/in Garforth (Central Leeds is too far, Castleford is easier for me to get to). Anyone know any contacts please? Found GTTG, but shut down! 😦

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Tom Watson says:


    Do you have any game exchanges or sales coming up?

    I have a couple of games that don’t reach the table and fancy a swap.


  3. BMYork says:

    Hi Tom, feel free to bring in a list (or email one to me to stick up on the blog). Usually it’s fifth saturdays when we have the open bring and buy, but we’re happy with you bringin a list (or the games if there’s not too many) on a normal saturday.

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