hear BM!

We’ve been lucky to have a great BBC Radio station in York, and they’ve invited us over the years to talk about Beyond Monopoly! and modern games. So let’s take a journey back in time back in time back in time….
(You should be able to play these directly in your browser, just click on the link).

All that practice has paid off, we were on BBC Radio 2 in January 2014. National radio if only for 5 minutes. Top!

And the charming Russell Walker invited us back again, December 2013!

On again with Jonathan Cowap November 2013.

Very nice chat with Russell Walker in April 2013, with Helen Munzer and Keith Pottage who actually did go out with a nun.

Talking with Jonathan Cowap in Feb 2010.

Live chat on Jonathan Buxton’s Saturday quiz.

Long talk with Jonathan Cowap in 2008 – part one
and part two and their webpage on the club.

Nice interview at the club with Joanita Musisi in 2005.

Our first recording with Elly Fiorentini in 2005 – part one and part two.


One thought on “hear BM!

  1. monopolblog says:

    Hey guys!! Even though were still keeping it old school, we really like what your doing on Beyond Monopoly. Please check out our blog @ monopolblog.wordpress.com, drop a comment and most importantly, always practice safe squabbling!

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