bonus BM!

Beyond Monopoly! gives you various great benefits.

  • Your first visit to BM! is FREE! You can try out the club and games without cost and decide if you like us. If your friends are hesitant to come along, remind them that it’s a free day out!
  • On your second visit, we give you a free discount card for 10% off at many places:
  • Try out games before you buy. BM! has over 300 modern games in our club collection, and club members have tons of experience too. If you’re thinking about buying a game, you’ll be able to give it a test drive at BM! first and then decide.
  • You can take our games home too. Once you’ve been to BM! a few times, we’ll let you take games away on a deposit (£5 each game), refunded when you bring it back. So you can play the game at home for at least two weeks with your friends and family.
  • Get inspired with new gift ideas! With so many excellent games big and small, you’ll soon think of the best gift for someone you care about. Boardgames are great for sharing and modern games have high replay value.

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