about BM!

Beyond Monopoly! is York’s friendliest boardgame club. We achieve two main goals:

  • To provide a friendly place for people to meet and play modern boardgames. You can try out new games in a fun, sociable setting, with no worries. Winning is not all important for us, we just want to have some fun and stretch our minds a bit.
  • To take our games out of the club and show people around York how modern boardgames will make them happy! We know how modern games are radically different from ye olde games of yore and we want you to share our discoveries.

The games we play are positive and constructive, with light, easy rules but depth of play and lots of inter-action between players. They’re competitive but not aggressive; you don’t win by attacking other players and there’s no player elimination. You often have to influence the others by trading or working together. Most games only run from 30 to 90 minutes, so you’re not sat there all day playing only one game.

BM! is a club for adults, and parents can bring their children from 8 up, as long as they’re supervised. We make sure everyone is treated with courtesy and respect (no swearing in BM!). You don’t have to know any rules or how to play the games at all. We’ll greet you, find out what you like or dislike, sit down and play a game with you right away. If you already enjoy eurogames like Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, Settlers Of Catan, you’ll find lots of favourites in our club collection.

So come along and find out for yourself. If you’re nervous about coming alone, please just drop in for a quick look. We are genuinely very friendly, you won’t be on your own for long.

BM! meets every 1st & 3rd Saturday each month, 10am to 9pm, come and go as you like. Your first day is FREE! We meet in The Bar Convent, York (see Reach BM! for full details). If you arrive after 4pm when the main door closes, please ring the bell and wait to be greeted.

We also meet there every 2nd and 4th friday evenings, from 5pm to 9pm, in the same location.

Plan your visit today and join us!


3 thoughts on “about BM!

    • BMYork says:

      Where does it say we ban Monopoly? So many people think of Monopoly when they think of board games, and not always in a good light, and we like to show people there are other games out there that they might enjoy more.

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