Quick update- Not meeting this Saturday! Friday instead! Then Next Saturday!

Apologies for the late notice, especially after promoting ourselves so much, but we’ve had notice that we can’t actually meet at the Bar Convent this Saturday on the 16th, so we will be meeting there on the 23rd instead. In the meantime we will have our regular Friday meeting (play Quacks even earlier!) this Friday on the 15th, from 5-9pm.

Additionally a number of us are probably going to game elsewhere (venue TBD, probably either Travelling Man or the Trafalga Bay. For more info join our whatsapp group (email me and I’ll send you the link), or follow our facebook page and check us out on Twitter!

So to sum up:

Play boardgames on Friday at the Bar Convent 5-9pm

Play boardgames next Saturday at the Bar Convent 10-9pm

Play boardgames the Friday after (29th) at the Bar Convent 5-9pm

Possible unofficial BM on tour this Saturday, more to be announced on Social Media.


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