Meet this Saturday and price changes

We’re looking forward to seeing regulars and new faces alike at the Bar Convent this Saturday 10am-9pm for some fun with our wonderful games library and our even more wonderful members.

During our AGM last week, it was decided to alter prices. The new prices are:

  • Saturday £5, £3 concessions
  • Saturday after 5pm £3, £2 concessions
  • Friday £3, £2 concessions

Finally, we are now less than one month away from Airecon weekend in Harrogate 9th-11th March!

Game of the week: Terraforming Mars (2016)….


An economic centred game with a mixed bag of mechanics and plays up to 5, and you can even honour Han and do it solo if everyone has gone off to lunch.

3 thoughts on “Meet this Saturday and price changes

  1. john mccullough says:

    Re Terraforming Mars – does the club have a copy? I thought not. If not, should we be highlighting games (most) members won’t be able to play?
    John McC

  2. Peter McCracken says:

    My son, Andrew, would like to play Star Wars Rebellion if anyone is interested this Saturday. He’s free from 10 to about 1:45 (maybe enough time to squeeze in a game?). Please comment if you’d be interested in playing. Thanks.

  3. Dave.jnr says:

    Why don’t you explain the price increases in this post? A 50% increase is a big deal. I’m sure the majority of members weren’t able to be present for the AGM. Maybe it’s an idea to discuss changes online (maybe on the facebook page?) in the future before decisions are made. So then people can voice their opinions and make suggestions first. For example.. how about a referral system? If you bring along somebody new to the club then you also play for free. Chances are the new person will come again and the money from the free plays would paid back quite fast. Plus.. new people!

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