Meet this Saturday (First August Meet!) and I recommend Medici.

Hello everybody, just a  quick update today to remind you it’s our first meet of the month this Saturday at the Bar Convent, 10 till 9. It may not seem like the first meet of the month, what with us having 3 meets in a row, but check your calendars and you’ll see that’s the case. All are welcome, so if you’ve never been before, or are just in York on a trip, pop along to enjoy some fine boardgames with finer people.

Also, for those of you off tomorrow, we will be gaming in Travelling Man during the day, come along upstairs to join in some boardgaming fun.

Right, I said Space Alert would be my game recommendation this week. But it’s not. Mainly because I borrowed it and forgot to return it (you can borrow games from the club too!). Instead it’s…


I’m going to quote Ben, or Ian, or somebody who said Medici is, in their opinion, the best purest bidding game there is. And who am I to argue? (Note-I did actually argue). Medici is a true classic, really simple bidding mechanics- pull tiles out a bag and choose when to put them up for auction. All players bid until their boats are filled/ there are no tiles left. The heaviest boats, and those specialising in one or two goods, will prove victorious. But unlike most bidding games you’re bidding with your victory points. Whatta twist! It is actually a very good bidding game I would easily recommend to everyone. Medici plays up to six players in about an hour.


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