Another meet this Saturday!

Hi everybody! Hope you all enjoyed gaming on Saturday, especially those of you (us) enjoying your (our) holidays! We have another meet at the Bar Convent on the 5th Saturday this month, 10 until 9. As always, all people are welcome, so come along, whether you’re a regular, or someone who hasn’t played a modern boardgame but wants to try them. It’s always fantastic to see new faces, and I hope to see you come along again to play some great games with decent folk.

I went to Draughts in London on Monday. I wasn’t scoping out the competition or anything, just my game meeting was shorter than I thought it would be and we had time to kill. It did get me thinking just how bargainliscious we are. We’re cheaper than Draughts (we’re free on your first visit don’t forget!), we have a better games selection (well curated), we can teach you all the games you want to know, and if you come on your own you can join other people and play games. Not that Draughts is bad, just that sometimes I forget just how good BM! actually is.

Also gaming on Thursday in Travelling Man. I games there last Saturday, and there’s some really nice space for gaming in the upstairs area.

Right, game recommendation of the week will be Space Alert! But due to time I’m going to talk more about it next week. See you on Saturday!



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