Special Meet This Saturday!

Happy Summer folks! This Saturday we have a special meet because it’s the 4th Saturday meet. We’re at the Bar Convent from 10 in the morning until 9 at night. Free for first time folk, so come along and play some wonderful games! All are welcome.

Also, don’t forget gaming at Travelling Man. Thursday during the day. I was gaming there on Saturday (new Time Stories prototype- ask if you would like to borrow it) and the gaming upstairs has loads of space.

I haven’t had a game recommendation for some time, but we do have lots and lots of fantastic games. So I’m going to choose a game I haven’t played for a while:



Lancaster is a worker-placement-esque bidding style game set back in the 15th Century. Each player needs to recruit the noble houses, send troops to France and build their castle. Over the rounds players will improve the quality of their knights, or just send squires to make them look fancier. This will allow them to bump players from spots. As players get bumped, so they will bump others. This continues until every knight is placed. Then it’s activation time and voting time! One of the ingenious things about this game is the laws which change. You get to vote on what will give victory points/coins/knights etc. To get more votes you need to gain the favours of the nobles, and can then wield your electoral influence. Lancaster has a really nice system which meshes together well, relatively straightforward, with a really nice bump mechanic. Lancaster plays up to 5 people in about an hour. Superb game.


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