Meet this Saturday (& some July date changes)

Hi everybody, we have our regular meet at the Bar Convent this Saturday from 10am until 9pm. Now important information about further meets in July. We have the Bar Convent for the following dates:

Sat 1st
Fri  7th 
Fri  14th
Sat 22nd
Sat 29th
It’s an extra funny month- there are 5 Saturdays, but the third is a race day and something is on at the Bar Convent. Hopefully this will be a good assortment of dates for everyone to get their gaming fix.
*small break*
Now Random Encounters want to launch a pop-culture cafe in York, which sure sounds like a swell thing. I believe they have a Kickstarter up and running, so check out their facebook page here:
*back to normal service*
Game Recommendation of the Weeeeek
Can I put Feast for Odin here again? I can’t? Oh. Well in that case it’s

Great Western Trail 

And not just because Flav knows how to play it as well as me. Great Western Trail is a superb deck-builder/ hand-sorter. Travel through Western America buying cattle, hiring folk, building stops, paying to go through hazards, dealing with Indians and moving your train. There’s always a train. I think I wrote about it 2 weeks ago, but it is a really good Euro. Expect to invest a couple of hours into it though. And some advice: whilst you don’t need to get new cows, or even aim high on the train track, to win, it definitely helps.


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