A Feast for Gaming #brandnewgameswhooo!

Hello everybody! Lets get down to it: we will be gaming this Saturday from 10am until 9pm and here are some reasons why you should come:

If you’ve never been before we are all incredibly friendly and play incredibly good games.

It’s the first one I’ll have attended in about a month!

NEW GAMES! (not that we have a games deficit, but still)

So what are our new games…

Key to the City – London

A brilliant worker placement/ bidding game. A streamlined version of Keyflower, with each player building their own borough in London with 3D buildings.

Nothing Personal

Influence gangsters and cause some to sleep with the fishes to gain control of the family in this mafia game (also I got our copy signed).

Great Western Trail

Get cattle and change out cattle as you journey up to sell them, build buildings and recruit people to help you (it’s a genuinely brilliant game, one of the best from last year).

Celestia: A Little Help

I’ll be honest, I have no idea about this, as I haven’t even opened it yet. Expansion for a fantastic little game we’ve got though, so I’m confident it’s a great little addition.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

I know this contravenes my ‘no expansions’ rule, but Waterdeep is one of our most popular games and it’s got to the stage where this expansion is always spoken of highly, plus it was a good price.


get ready…

A Feast for Odin

This one is a beast. A massive box and a hefty weight. 61(!) choices in a worker placement game, it’s super-hyper-Agricola meets Patchwork as you try to fit all the items you claim into spaces for bonuses and points. I will be teaching this game (it plays up to 4 players in about 2 hours or longer for the first time), and if you haven’t played it, trust me, it needs teaching. So please take me up on this offer. Otherwise I’ll end up playing it solo.


See you on Saturday!


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