Saturday- change of venue to St Chads

Hi everybody, another brief post today (and late! I ought to pull my socks up with this bloggin). Anyway, it’s an important update because we are in a different location this Saturday. We are in St Chads, off the Knavesmire. Those of you who have been there before will be familiar with the place, but others of you, so here’s a map:

It’s easily accessible by buses, ample parking, and gaming should take place from 10 until 9, as usual.

I hope you enjoy gaming there, but I’m afraid I won’t be there. Why? Because I’ll be at the UK Games Expo!!! ME and Fi have our stand up, doing something, and I encourage all of you who are going to visit us. Here’s a little map I made:


What a place! If you are going down come and say hi, also we’ll be there all weekend, so always up for gaming at any time (unless we’re working). Also I know Flav is working on a stand, and a few other members are in the playtest zone, so keep your eyes open for everyone. See you there, and if not, enjoy Saturday!


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