Meet this Saturday! (escape the rain, borrow a game)

Hi everyone, we have a meet this Saturday, at the Bar Convent from 10am until 9pm. If the weather is anything like today then I expect to see you there. A reminder everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first, second or fifty-eighth time (or any time, I’m not going to list all the numbers. You get the picture). Also a pre-emptive apology if you’ve been before and I ask if it’s your first time. I want to make sure if you haven’t been before you’re not lost, but I’m also forgetful.

This weekend: I’ll be teaching Through The Ages (and Paul will be correcting me). Pretty amazing game, and I’m really glad someone asked me to teach it. If there’s a game you’d like to play but don’t know how, then just ask. If I don’t offer to teach it, I’ll get someone else to, or you can always take it home and learn to play it.

You see, our games collection is actually one of the most amazing games libraries there is. If you want to borrow a game just leave a deposit with Mike and you can! I challenge anybody to find somewhere else which can lend them anything from Camel Up to Die Macher. Not alphabetically you understand, as C-D would be quite a small range, but in terms of broadness of games.

Also: Thursday at Travelling Man. If you like games and are in York on Thursday, go there (from 10am).

UK Games Expo soon. Only a few people responded to my suggestion of a group visit, so whilst I advise you to go (seriously it’s amazing boardgamingness), I’m afraid you’ll have to make your own way there. Or group together. Trains are pretty good from York (that’s how I went the first two times). Also, what was the final verdict on Dragon and Flagon? If the club says get rid I’ll see if I can swap it for cash or something good.

Game of the Week…


I’ve only played this once, but actually it’s a clever simple little thing. Nifty with time movement and turn order, very simple war rules, and various paths to victory. In this game you control armies taking over regions and controlling resources. With those resources you research technologies. The technologies let you get more resources, armies, or help you with movement or combat. But make sure you also stay in good faith, as the Gods can mess up plans. So far, so ordinary long 4x, but Olympos is firstly extremely straightforward. Streamlined to the hilt. Secondly, everyhting you do takes time (metaphorically). Time is a resource, and like in Tinners Trail, whoever has spent the least moves until someone else has spent the least. It’s just a gentle fun little 4x-lite. Olympos plays up to 5 people in about an hour.



One thought on “Meet this Saturday! (escape the rain, borrow a game)

  1. janet mccullough says:

    Hi Mark By co-incidence Andrew & I will be playing TtA on Sat.  We are looking for a 3rd player (plays best with 3 – a bit slow with 4), so if you can find us a 3rd we’d be grateful. John

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