Meet this Friday!

Hi everyone, apologies for the late update (been a heck of a week), but want to remind everyone that there’s a meet this Friday, from 5-9pm in the Bar Convent. We also have gaming on Thursday at Travelling Man. That’s it really, come along and play some fantastic games (and possibly learn some new ones).

Fantastic games such as…

Forbidden Island

I saw some people playing this on Saturday, and I realised that I’ve never recommended a co-op as game of the week (if I have I’ve since forgotten). Forbidden Island (and its sequel Forbidden Desert) are pure cooperative games, in which you’re trying to find treasure/ship parts and get out before the island sinks/ the sands cover all. They are both easy to learn, fun to play and hard, without being as brutally hard as Ghost Stories (I do remember now, I have recommended a co-op before). Forbidden Island/ Desert play up to 4 people in about 30 minutes.


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