1st Saturday meet this Saturday

Good day everybody, I hope you enjoyed all the gaming you did on Saturday, and now we’ve got even more gaming this Saturday! Yes, it’s a happy two-saturdays-in-a-row gaming extravaganza which only occurs a couple of times a year. This Saturday we will meeting the Bar Convent from 10am until 9pm for all sorts of gaming fun. New people extra welcome, and if you haven’t been for a while, come along and see what new games we’ve got.

Now, I was talking to some people who wanted to play some games but didn’t know how. I want everyone to play anything they want to. So I’m going to reinforce the following:

If you want to play a game, just ask and someone will surely teach it to you. Probably me, and if I’ve never played it before, give me a week to learn the game and then I’ll teach it. If you email bmyork beforehand I’ll even make sure I’m fully prepared.

Alternatively, feel free to borrow games to learn them, then bring them in to teach others. It would be fantastic if more people did this, and you would get to play the game at home, and we’d get more people playing it. Win-win!


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