Race for the Three Day Weekend!

Hello everybody! Gaming this Saturday at the Bar Convent from 10am until 9pm, it’s a fifth Saturday special in the usual place. Make it an excellent start to your 3-day weekend (assuming you have the bank holiday off, apologies if you don’t).

Also this week we have usual Thursdays at Travelling Man, so come along (apparently they have a refurbished upstairs, haven’t been able to check myself).

It’s the UK Games Expo soon! If you haven’t been, it’s the UK boardgaming convention. Three days of amazing boardgaming fun, new games, bargains, events, and more! Read about it here:


However, the eagle-eyed/ literate amongst you will have noticed it’s taking place on a BM weekend (first weekend in June). If you’ve never been to the UK Games Expo I really recommend it. This’ll be my fifth year, and I’ve loved it every time (last year the best!). So, I’m proposing that if enough people want to go from BM, we put on a minibus for people for the Saturday. If you’re interested send me an email or let me know at the club.

Game recommendation of the week…

Race for the Galaxy

In honour of playing the Race for the Galaxy beta on my iPhone (it’s fantastic), I’m making Race for the Galaxy (from herein referred to as RftG) the game of the week to play. Legend, and historical accuracy, has it that RftG was created as a card version of Puerto Rico before San Juan, and whilst the game has some similarities (cards used as a currency as well as buildings), the setting, iconography and subtle changes to the classic Puerto Rico formulae make it distinctly different and, imo, better (than San Juan). Some people may have heard it’s a confusion of symbols, but actually as soon as you understand them suddenly everything makes sense. RftG is a tableau builder, in which you choose a role to build your engine, and everyone else does that role as well. With multiple planets to settle/conquer,tools to help you, and items to trade, it is rich with possibilities. I will be more than happy to teach people how to play this excellent game (seriously, this is a good offer, one of it’s drawbacks is its semi-impenetrability when learning the game for the first time) . RftG plays up to 4 players in about 30 minutes- it’s a quick game too!

See you on Saturday!


One thought on “Race for the Three Day Weekend!

  1. Flav says:

    Hello, we’ll be there with the family and 2 cousins. If anybody could bring Conan, I’ll be more than happy to learn it.
    We will bring Clank! a really fun dungeon crawling deck building game, where you have to avoid to make noise to not wake up the dragon !!!! a deck building with a big theme, really 😉

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