Important news (Venue change!) and a bunch of messages. Please read!

Good day everyone, it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying boardgames on Saturday, old friends and some new faces, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and I hope to see everyone again. And those people who played Agricola, please spread the word. If you want to learn Agricola (see last weeks update) then just let me know, my teaching is quite painless.



We have a meet this Friday, Bar Convent, 5pm-9pm. Due to a quirk of the calendar this will be the first Friday of the Month, but it’s between our two Saturdays, so it makes sense for everyone. So it won’t even feel like a date change.

Saturday 15th April we have a meet in The Church Of The Holy Redeemer, please note this is NOT The Bar Convent NOR St Chads (both of which were unavailable on Easter Saturday when booking). We will have the hall from 12:30-22:30, so a later start, but also a later finish. In terms of getting there there is ample parking as well as regular buses (number 10 and number 5) which stop outside the hall.

Outside food and drink are welcome and we will have tea and coffee making facilities. If you’re worried about eating there’s a cafe and various takeaways 2minutes up the road, as well as a co-op opposite, and a pub if you think you’ll really miss ‘Spoons.

Here’s a map:

I’ll post more about how to get there and everything else next week, but lets finish this update.

Friday 21st we will have our normal meeting in the Bar Convent. Again, this is the 3rd Friday, but it’s after the 3rd Saturday, so it will feel like a normal 4th Friday.

Finally we have a Fifth Saturday  at the Bar Convent, more details coming up, but our events guy John wants to organise a quadtathalon! Take it away John:

“We have a 5th Saturday BM this month on 29 April at the Bar Convent.  
John McCullough is offering to run a Quadtathalon from 1030-approx 1700 if at least 11 others contact him ( to enter (usual session fee only).  John’s idea is to play 4 well-known, easy to learn & approx 90 min games to find the first BM Q Champ.  He suggests Alhambra, Kingsburg, Stone Age & Ticket to Ride but enough suggestions/votes for suitable alternatives might change that.  Please contact John asap if you wish to enter.  No need to know all 4 games, as they are easy to teach/learn.”

In addition to all this don’t forget we still have regular Thursdays at Travelling Man, and I’ve been asked to share that this Thursday at Travelling Man Alex (no surname) will be looking for people to help playtest his time travelling game. They will be at Travelling Man from 11am, and hope to have two games et up for players, so if you want to help playtest then please go along and help.

[As an aside, I’ve been sent a game to playtest by [REDACTED]. If you fancy helping  playtest [REDACTED] and you don’t mind signing an NDA then please let me know.

Also you can help playtest my game without signing an NDA. You’ll be rewarded with smiles.]

(random game image because it’s just been words so far)

Whooo, that’s a lot of gaming this month. I’d usually do the game recommendation of the month here, but I’ve still got another messages to post, so I’ll post those first then give it to Agricola again to save time.

Do you own Conan? Can you teach Conan? Flav is doing something very exciting and I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to share here, but he needs someone to teach him how to play Conan. If you could help that would be fantastic!

Game recommendation: Agricola again.



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