Meet this Friday update and I talk about #CamelUp

Hi everyone, hope you had a good time gaming last Saturday. I had a fantastic time, and managed to get all but 2 of the games I wanted played, played (Camel Up! Super Cup and Unlock!, we’ll meet again sometime). Anyway, this blog post isn’t about me, it’s about what we’re doing this Friday, and that’s having another great evening meet in the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm, so come along! There’s also BM! at Travelling Man on Thursday from 10am.

I feel like I have nothing to push here, no impending conventions or anything of that nature, it feels most odd. So I’ll just say that if you’ve never played Agricola before then watch this space (next week. Next week watch this space).

Actually there is something, a friend of mine wants to sell his copy of Evolution +Flight expansion. If anybody wants it, just give me an offer and I’ll pass it along.

And I think that’s about it, just time now for the GAME RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK

Camel Up featuring Camel Up: Supercup


I have only recently experienced the 2014 Spiel des Jahres Winner  Camel Up! but I was hooked from the first play. In this game a bunch of you are trying to make the most moeny by wagering on the Camel race. Each turn you get to do one thing- move a camel, place a bet, or somehow modify the desert terrain to provide a bonus or penalty to the camels. Each camel can only move once per round, and at the end of each round people who bet on the winning camel for that round gets coins. On and on it goes until one camel crosses the finish line. So what makes it so good, a few things: the camels stack in a really satisfying way. Enough said about that. No matter the state of the board, you never feel out of contention for the win. Despite the apparent simplicity, there’s a lot of thought and push your luck put into deciding when to back a camel , and when to just roll the dice. There’s a dice pyramid and it’s great. Overall it’s just a really fun quick little game.

But what’s this, Camel up Super super Cup!? Yes the expansion adds a whole bunch of things, such as an extended race track, a easy to use photographer which gives another scoring option, but is so easy it just feels natural to play with him in. Catch up dice, which keep all camels in contention for much longer, and even cards for sharing bets with other players. And pieces for extra people to play. I’ve only played with the extra long track, photographer (great addition), and catch-up dice (ditto), and whilst these may extend the length of the game, I honestly say I enjoy this game so much I wouldn’t mind playing the extra super long version, which is still relatively quick (we’re not talking Firefly expansions here people). So there you have it, an excellent game for all ages made even better. Play it. Camel Up SuperCup plays 2-8 plays in 30 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Meet this Friday update and I talk about #CamelUp

  1. flavien loisier says:

    Hi Mark !

    Camel cup is a fantastic game, I fully agree!
    Is scythe tournament still happening? I have seen no communication and I didn’t talk to anyone planning to join last Saturday…


    Flavien Loisier

  2. BMYork says:

    Hi Flavien, John (our events manager) has said there hasn’t been enough interest in a Scythe tournament, but he’ll be taking suggestions for other tournaments soon.

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