#Airecon report! AKA look at all the games we’ve now got! (+meet on Saturday to play them)

Hello everyone, hope you all had a fantastic time at Airecon, and I hope those of you who didn’t go had a great time at BM! on Friday. We have a meet this Saturday at the Bar Convent, 10-9pm, and it will be an excellent chance to play the games we got, as well as pick up your t-shirt if you didn’t at Airecon. We are also meeting as usual on Thursday in Travelling Man.


Important things first: we won the Boardgames Quiz!! Oh yes, who would have thought that knowing which South American country was misspelled on the 1st edition of Twilight Struggle would be so rewarding?

We sold a whole bunch of games and bought loads of new ones (detailed later below).

Codenames: Duet was there, in the wild for the first time! This new Codenames is a co-op best with a small number of players, is incredibly ingenious, and because it’s got no downtime may actually be the best version yet. Also another Vlaada Chvatil party game was there, one which asks whether you’d rather be able to rewind 1 minute into the past three times in your life, or be the captain of a spaceship.

So what games did we get? Loads! Checkout this list below (otherwise known as, the list of games I will be playing on Saturday!)

And.. the final game is my recommendation of the week!
Unlock! is an escape room game. Just like the excellent escape rooms in York (check out gr8escapeyork and ask for your BM discount!) in Unlock you are locked in a room, metaphorically, and need to escape. You do this by looking at cards, combining cards, and solving puzzles. All of this is done with a timer on an app, into which you can insert codes. Some of us at BM! tried the P&P escape and despite failing massively (listening to a phone in a convention hall is difficult. Listening to a phone in a convention hall on mute is impossible), we still had a fantastic time. I encourage all people in the club to give this a try. There are 3 possible escape rooms, just make sure you don’t give anything away to other people who may want to solve them later- they are only playable once, but an experience unlike any others. Unlock takes teams of up to 6, although I strongly recommend 4 so everyone feels included, and plays in up to 60 minutes.



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