T-Shirts arrived, #Airecon this weekend, and we meet on Friday too!

Hi everyone, another quick update, because I’ve spent all my time stickering the few dozen games from the boxes of doom with rock bottom prices for sale at Airecon. We meet this Friday! Fun and games in the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm.

T-Shirts have arrived!arrivedtshirts

As you can see they look super-duper. If you’ve ordered a T-Shirt I will be taking them to Airecon on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so please collect off me there. If you’re not going I will take them to BM! next Saturday for you to collect. If neither of these options are good, please get in touch with me to arrange something. Final cost was a shockingly low £8 each. Please either pay me when I give you the T-shirt, or Mike at the club, and we’ll sort out who’s paid and who hasn’t. If you regret not ordering one (and wait until you see them worn), then fear not, we can always order more. Just let me know.


Finally, Airecon is (almost) upon us. A gaming convention just half an hour away in Harrogate. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, get them soon. Some of the details are here, on the BGG thread as opposed to their site: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1662963/airecon-4-10-12-march-2017-harrogate-international/page/3

It should be a fantastic weekend, as well as a superb opportunity to get our name out there as the best local games club (seriously, boardgamers in Harrogate should be coming to BM! to play games at weekends). If you’re going I hope to see you there.


2 thoughts on “T-Shirts arrived, #Airecon this weekend, and we meet on Friday too!

  1. @mangozoid says:

    Just to let you know that I have ordered a dark blue/navy T-shirt but won’t be able to make Airecon or BM York for the rest of this month, but please do keep/save it for me, unless you have someone that can bring it along to one of the Thursday Travelling Man daytime games – Ocean?

    I can pay Ocean and he can pass the money back to you?


  2. @mangozoid says:

    Hiya, I’ve put a comment on the BM York site ‘cos am not sure how else to reach out to members (or at least, newsletter recipients!).

    Basically we’ve got a Time Travelling game we’d like some help with playtesting (now that we’re ready to look outside of the design team), and are hoping to have a couple of boards set up on Thursday at Travelling Man – the game is for 3-5 players and there’ll be 2-3 of us on-hand to help and/or advise as required.



    PS. I’ll try and get some photos to you early next week, but when does the Newsletter usually go out?

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