Meet this Saturday

Quick update this week. We have a meet this Saturday, Bar Convent, form 10am until 9pm. Come along and play some darned fun games! On Thursday we have BM! at Travelling Man, and then next week is Airecon! Loads of boardgaming stuff and opportunites to boardgame.

Ocean is setting up a groupspace:

This is for people to organise games to play at BM! and also can be used to organise other gaming sessions with BM regulars. If anyone needs more info – to contact Ocean at

T-shirts have been ordered, they will be £8 each, and will hopefully arrive by this Saturday. If not, I’ll let you know when they will arrive, but will definitely get here by Airecon.


Game recommendation of the week is simply Star Wars: Rebellion . This is a new club acquisition- relive the wars of Star Wars. I don’t actually know too much about it, but John and Ocean will be happy to teach anybody who wants to play.


One thought on “Meet this Saturday

  1. Ocean M says:

    Thanks Mark for the advert

    A few of us from the Thursday travelling man group have signed up – and maybe more will

    Best wishes Ocean

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