Order your T-Shirts here!

Hi everyone, this post is just to give information on how you can get your hand on one of our amazing BM! T-shirts. The more people buy, the bigger the discount, so it makes sense for us to do one big bulk buy. If you’re interested please fill in the details below (note: I’ve changed the manufacturer to Clothes2Order, because on the other site it was about double the price for women’s t-shirts).

Here are the sizing details-





As for colours, they do pretty much every colour under the sun, so no matter which colour you want to play as, we should have a t-shirt to suit-

White White
Black Black
Red Red
Royal Royal Blue
Bottle Green Bottle Green
Sunflower Sunflower
Orange Orange
Purple Purple
Azure Azure
Fuchsia Fuchsia
Light Pink Light Pink
Kelly Green Kelly Green
Light Graphite Light Graphite
Deep Navy Deep Navy
Sky Sky
Heather Heather

The average cost for these is also cheaper, so the price will be under £10 (the exact amount depends upon how many orders we will get).

To order one, please fill in the form below (if you’re ordering multiple copies you can let me know the details in the comments box rather than fill in loads of forms if you wish):


I’m going to put the order in this week, in order to get them all by next Saturday, so if you want one please do it ASAP. If there are any issues regarding price etc I’ll let people know, otherwise all orders will be fulfilled. Happy buying!womans-blue



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