Play Codenames pictures, buy a cheap copy of TIME Stories, and something else!

There’s so, so much to post about this week (thankyou to everyone who came to the AGM) that to save it just being a random stream of conciousness I’m going to post multiple times. I’d apologise for clogging up your social media/ email, but you might like reading this (I hope so anyway).

This update:

We have a meeting this Saturday! 10am until 9pm. Bar Convent. If you’ve never been before it’s a fantastic building and lovely room. Meet us all, and play some great boardgames, with a probability of pub after (although never a guarantee). My game recommendation will be Codename Pictures, because I finally bought it for the club (got a great deal on it).


John wants to sell his copy of TIME Stories, if you’re interested in purchasing it for well below RRP (I think he said £20, which is a steal), then ask him, or send me an email bmyork at, and I’ll forward it on. If you want to play it to see if you’ll like it, you can play my copy which is currently parked at the club. Although seeing as how it’s a play once kinda deal, you may just want to chance it. Great game btw.


Thursdays at Travelling Man have been added to the calendar. Check it out if you’re free, or just check out the calendar now. It’s over here ——-> somewhere. If you go, remember to tell people about our weekend meetings.


Airecon! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you probably still can, but I know the Bradford ones sold out last time. They’ve got loads of tournaments going on now, not just the 4-player team one, check it out here:

Now the recommendation.

Codenames: Pictures


You played Codenames? If so then CodenamesL Pictures will feel very familiar to you. The breakaway hit of 2015 is back with pictures. ‘I bet it plays exactly the same’ you probably think, well, yes and no. The rules have only changed in that the number of pictures is different to the number of words, but the feel is different. Often whilst words could have two distinct meanings, they were still distinct and be tenuously tied to one word clues. The pictures have all sorts going on, and whilst there are still different interpretations, it’s actually more difficult to break out from those interpretations, meaning unless you end up with a lucky row of pictures, large numbered clues will be rarer. At least, that’s how I feel having played it a few times. I’m sure a few more times and I’ll feel differently still, or until some wise kid decides to combine the sets for Codenames: Everything. Codenames plays two teams of 2-4 players (so 4-8 players in total), in about 20 minutes say?

Right, that’s it until the next update, today or tomorrow sometime. Bye!


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