Watch the Skies!

Quick update, we’ve had a request from an RPG group to advertise a massive mega-game at the University on Sat 25th February, and seeing as how that’s not a BM day, then I thought ‘why not?’. Take it away Paul:

Watch the Skies! 2 is a ‘mega-game’ – a political and tactical experience for around 60 people, where players will take the part of world leaders, leading scientists, military personnel and international diplomats during the a period of crisis in which SUDDENLY ALIENS!
The game will be taking place in Derwent Bar at the University of York, between 9am and 5pm on Saturday 25th February. There is a cost: £2/player – this is just to cover printing costs.

People who want to sign up should email, and we’re also on Facebook here:

When signing up, people can ask to be on teams with other players, register their interest in particular roles, or on any of the teams – Brazil, the US, the UK, France, Russia, China, Japan, India, World Media or the Aliens – just let us know when you email in!
So there you have it. If you’re interested and do go along, then why not push BM whilst you’re there?

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