AGM on Thursday (and meet on Friday)

Hi everybody! Good day gaming on Saturday? Well it’s heads up for the AGM this Thursday! Have your say about the club, including what games we should buy, what games we should sell, how often we should meet, what charity we should support, how much we should charge and so on. It starts at 6pm at the Bar Convent, if the doors closed just knock, parking etc as usual. Please come along, even if you don’t want to say much, you can still vote on what you like and what you don’t.


After that it’s our regular meet on Friday, 5pm until 9pm, Bar Convent. Come along and play plenty of our new games (and old games). This weeks recommendation:

City of Horror


Yes, I know this was one of the recommendations last week, but I had a fantastic time playing this, even if poor Paul ended up not getting any vaccines, nor wreaking his vengeance upon us all. Exploding water towers, and ammo stores, churches overrun with zombies, and the most diplomatic murder yet seen in a game- all of this with simple card choosing and pointing. Choose where you want to run, and point at who you want to die when the exits are blocked and the zombies are pouring in. It’s a superb game of negotiation for us to 6 players, and plays in about 90 minutes.


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