Meeting this Saturday and AGM Details- have your say!

Hello and good day all! Have you seen all the new games we’ve got in the club? There’s a whole bunch in there. As well as Fearsome Floors and The Pursuit of Happiness, from the last couple of weeks, we have:


A superbly designed worker placement Euro, excellently balanced, and with an ingenious logistic production line system.pic2771810_md


Ghost Stories: Black Secret


An expansion to Ghost Stories, this time one of the players is the evil ghost Wu-Feng, and can send in ghosts to search the catacombs or cast curses. In retaliation the monks have even more powers to repel the ghosts and save the village.

Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover

An expansion to Good Cop, Bad Cop, now players get an undercover role to help disguise their affiliation and give them additional powers. It also comes with new equipment cards, although will they help you when a madman takes a gun first round and shoots second? (answer: possibly).


And City of Horror

In which players are trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. How? By feeding other players to the zombies through democracy. And trying to hide somewhere where the zombies aren’t.


That’s an awful lot of games, and there’s even more to come in the future. So come along and play them- I’ll be up for a game and am happy to teach them. This Saturday, from 10am until 9pm at the Bar Convent (NB I keep on forgetting to say this: if you turn up and the front door is closed, please just ring the bell, and someone will come along).

What else in the gaming world…


Airecon is in March, I’ve pushed it before, but people have asked about teams. Whilst I expect we will be entering a few teams into the team competition, they won’t be organised centrally by me! (for one, I may be going with work colleagues. Sacrilegious I know, but always better to get more people involved with boardgames. If I don’t and want team members, readers of this blog will know about it first!). If you’re looking for BMers to make up your team and you want me to post something on here I am more than happy to. Otherwise if the Bradford event is anything to go by, it’ll be great, with a fantastic Bring and Buy as well as open gaming and other events. It will also sell out quickly, so get your tickets soon.



We have a confirmation on the date, time and whereabouts of the Annual General AGM Meeting of Beyond Monopoly! York.

Thursday 9th February, 6pm, Bar Convent.

The meeting is open to all, please come along and hear how the club is doing, and give us feedback and suggestions. Should we change our name (yes), and to what? Should we change the pricing structure? Should we be buying fewer games, but big ones, or more lighter games? Or just are there games you think we should buy? Do we need a group? Should we have a presence at more events and cons? And so on and so forth. Also stand for positions to help BM! continue into the future. Be there!

What else? Oh yeah! Travelling Man on Thursdays, although I have now been informed that dogs are no longer allowed upstairs, so here’s a last photo of a dog playing a boardgame.


This week at Travelling Man we are starting play earlier, at 10:30, so as to allow for a game of Onward to Venus, and also some Tragedy Looper action (great game, if anybody ever wants to play just ask me at BM).


Thankyou to everyone for your T-shirt design suggestions, please keep them coming in. Also any new name suggestions.

That;s it for this week, my game suggestions are listed above, so no single recommendation. Reminder: the last day of the Travelling Man sale is tomorrow. They still had copies of decent games over the weekend, so if you’re interested get down there. And that’s probably everything. See you on Saturday!


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