Loads to get through this week- have a read!

I know some of you (Max) don’t read the blog, but I can assure you it’s not just me reminding you the club is on this week and then telling you to play a dry Euro. At least not this week. Although there is a meet on this Friday at the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9. However, we have a load of stuff this week, and I’m on a time limit this week, so quickly, to the stuff!

BM! Are back in Travelling Man (York) on Thursdays from 11:00-17:00. After a Christmas break we are back in introducing people to gaming and BM and being very friendly. If you’re free- go! Here’s a pic of a recent play of Colosseum, with one player wondering whether to get rid of all their lions:


Thankyou for the drawings and suggestions for our design a T-Shirt competition. Writing ‘competition’ makes me think there should be a prize, and maybe there will be. Please keep sending them in!

AGM- it’s looking like it might be 9th of Feb, but we’re still waiting on final confirmation. All welcome.



Is in March. I’ll be doing an update about it soon, but they’ve just announced a big 4 player tournament on the Saturday for up to 8 teams. If you want to get in a team (we’ll inevitably enter at least one) you can find the details on the website  https://airecon.uk/   It’s in Harrogate this Easter, which is really close by train and car and I’m sure we’ll be able to sort out lifts. Also I’ll be there all three days.


One of our members, Alex, has written a book on Magic: The Gathering. I’ll let him talk about it here:

“It’s aimed at those wishing to start playing Magic CCG or looking to get back into to it. The easiest way to get started is through the Magic Duels computer game available FREE via Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/316010/ – this covers a lot of the modern cards and mechanics in the game.

Magic Duels is also covered extensively in my book, Magic The Gathering: A Primer 2016/17 (it covers both the computer game and the face-to-face version) – you can find the full colour Kindle ebook (just £2.89!), complete with a reasonable ‘Look Inside’ preview, here: MTG Primer Kindle and the actual real physical book here (only b&w though): MTG Primer Paperback

Here’s a photo of it:


We’ve got a load of (carefully curated) excellent games and expansions from the Travelling Man sale. Some people have requested other games, and we’re discussing those, so if there are any games you think we ought to get (got Scythe not! Whoop!) let me know. Also come to the AGM where we discuss this. I’ll be bringing more games along later this month, but one of the games I brought last week was…

Fearsome Floors


In Fearsome Floors you traipse around attempting to escape a dungeon with a monster in, until eventually you miscalculate your location and get all your people eaten. In the meantime, everyone else takes this opportunity to run away. Fearsome Floors is a great daft race game, just make sure nobody takes 5 minutes to analyse everything. Play quick, get eaten quicker. Fearsome Floors plays up to 7 people in 30-60 minutes.


Let me know everything I’ve forgotten at the usual email address. Happy gaming.


2 thoughts on “Loads to get through this week- have a read!

  1. @mangozoid says:

    Hiya Mark,

    Thanks for the mention re, MTG book – much appreciated! On the subject of recommended games: we played Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu at Travelling Man last Thursday and it was a great experience. A very good game all told — well-themed with Sanity Checks and the like as the Old Ones and their followers slowly creep onto the board and into the various districts — a couple of us agreed it’s one of the few times we feel the original core Pandemic game has actually been improved upon. Highly recommended for the BM games stable! And yes, I’m sure a few of us will be there again this Thursday (26th Jan), but no idea what we’ll be playing just yet!


  2. Andy Wilson says:

    Hi Mark, you asked for purchase suggestions – my favourite game for the last while has been Concordia and I’d love it to be part of the BM collection.



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