Is your New Years Resolution to play more #boardgames?

Or get a new hobby? One which involves making new friends and giving your mind an enjoyable stretch? If so then Beyond Monpoly! is for you! We’re York’s biggest and friendliest* boardgames club, and we’re always welcoming to new members, as well as regular faces. We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday, and 2nd and 4th Friday, of every month in the beautiful Bar Convent by Nunnery Lane. Saturday’s are 10am-9pm, whilst Fridays are 5pm-9pm. Everyone is welcome, we play all sorts of boardgames, and have a selection of hundreds to choose from, or you can bring your own (although we really do have a lot to choose from, so don’t feel obliged to). First meet of the year is this Saturday, so why not come along and see what we’re like?

If you’ve already attended Beyond Monopoly, and are just reading this to see what new game we’ve got (we’ve got a new game!), then why not forward the facebook/twitter/Blog link to some friends or acquaintances. Now is the time for trying a new hobby, and it’ll be nice to show people games other then Monopoly exist, so their next Christmas can include some better gaming fun.

And I hope everybody had some great gaming fun this Christmas, and got something nice to bring along on Saturday. Whilst my haul was small (No Thanks!- fantastic game), my gaming was plentiful- Agricola (main and ACBAS), Iglu Pop, Om Nom Nom, Good Cop Bad Cop, Spyfall, Codenames, Tinners Trail, and this isn’t even including the impromptu gaming in Brigantes, who are kind/unpopular enough to accommodate us.

If you didn’t get any gaming done then you might be suffering from withdrawal about now, and I’m no doctor, but they would probably prescribe you come along on Saturday, so make sure you do.

A few other things:

Are there any games from 2016 we ought to get? And have you got bored of your copy of Scythe and want to sell it to the club?

It’s the Travelling Man January sale! Up to 75% off games, the discounts will increase throughout January, but the games will get snapped up. Seen in store today: Mage Knight for 25% off, so please check that out. Note, you can’t use your 10% off from being a BM! member with Sale items, but you can still use that with non-sale items.

In discount talk, just a reminder that Gr8EscapeYork offer 10% discount to Beyond Monopoly members. Simply phone them up when booking and present your card when attending for the discount. And if you haven’t done an escape room before they are fantastic fun. Thoroughly recommended.


Right, what new game did Santa bring for Beyond Monopoly this week? It was..

Junk Art


New York, London, Paris, Munich, everyone’s talking ’bout art installations. Junk Art takes place in several of the world’s biggest art cities, as well as Nebraska if you have Flick ‘Em Up (we don’t, but some of our members do). In each city players are competing to get as many fans of their art as they can, following the rules specific to that location. Each Art installation is an assortment of wooden shapes piled on top of each other, until the exhibition in that place ends, and the winner is determined (could be most pieces, tallest structure, fastest balancer etc). Then onto the next city. Junk Art comes with a glorious selection of colourful wooden pieces, which are cleverly designed to fit together in interesting ways, and is great fun. Junk Art plays 3-6 players in as much or as little time as you want (just change the number of cities to change the length of the game).


*Whilst I understand there’s no objective metric for measuring friendliness, I still feel happy with this statement. No offence meant to other boardgames clubs in York.

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