Have a great Christmas (no BM! this week)

Just a quick update to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and to thank you all for a fantastic day on Saturday, and a fantastic year. I had a great time playing Dominant Species (great shout), Keyflower (sorry Paul) and a big thankyou to those who played my TIME Stories scenario- “One of the best games I have ever played!” some players were saying with their body language, as well as “You’re missing another ‘of'”, which was also said. I hope everybody else played the games they wanted, from Scythe with expansions, to Antike, which I think I saw played, but you can correct me on that, and many, many more.

Before I forget, here’s the end game results for Dominant Species for Liam, who had to leave right before the end:


So, that’s about it. Next year there’ll be a few small changes to the way updates are done (we’re going to have a meetup group, all the cool kids are doing it), which means there’ll be more space on this blog for my word vomit. I probably ought to do a Best of 2016 here, but everyone else is doing it, and I’ve still not played games like Isle of Skye or Bloodrage, which would void it. If you’re here on Friday 30th December I’m organising an official unofficial BM! on tour gaming somewhere after lunch, I’ll let you know when it’s actually organised. Until then,

Merry Christmas.



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