Festive feasts and midweek gaming (and weekend gaming, just gaming all week)

It’s our final official BM gaming week this week (‘aaaaaaaw’- audience), but what better excuse do you need to see your old gaming buddies and play some high quality games? Well, none of course. So what treats do we have on offer? Read on…



Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) in Travelling Man. There are still a few spaces available if you’d like to join in this space opera. Starts at 10:30, but please note, this is a long game. It’s a good long game though, I think we ought to move away from seeing long as a bad thing in a game. I like long games. Anyway, if you’re interested I’ll repeat the details despite them being just up there: Travelling Man, Wednesday, 10:30 start.


All day gaming in Travelling Man. 11:00-17:00. Drop in if there’s anything you want to play or are just passing through. Note, they are dog friendly! Can’t remember their food policy though, probably extremely relaxed, especially if you buy something, but don’t quote me on that.


Have a rest, do some Christmas shopping if you still haven’t got everything.



This is it, the final BM of the year. We open at 10:00 in the Bar Convent with all its Christmas trimmings, and we’ll be gaming there until 9 in the evening. After I’d like to invite all people over to ‘Spoons for some sort of Christmas drinks and festive meal (apparently they do a turkey and cranberry pie, which is as Christmassy as they get). Please note, this isn’t some sort of official whetherspoons bookings we’ve got, I just want everyone to know that, depending upon people’s commitments, we often go over the road for a drink after meetings and everyone is welcome. That’s also what the ‘Dark Stories ‘ game is in the cupboard for- it’s perfect pub gaming so feel free to borrow it when you’re heading over there.

But during the meet what’s happening? Well games, obviously. We have loads of games to play, and after my failed mission to play a proper in depth worker placement after the 7 Wonders tournament last week (sorry, Scythe doesn’t count), I’m up for one one Saturday. Preferably heavier then Snowdonia , and I’d settle for Lancaster or T’zolkin, but ideally Agricola, Keyflower , Caverna- you get the picture. At this point I realise I’m just selfishly looking for games for myself, so to counter that I’ll be bringing Time Stories in case people want to try it. I’m happy to teach it, just ask (not first thing though, as we’ve got a game happening). And if you don’t like either of those just choose another games from one of the hundreds we have. I guarantee we’ve got a game you want to play, or players who will play a game you bring.



And now, the final recommendation of the week of 2016, this week recommended by Fiona. If you’d like to suggest a game please let me know!


Red 7


Red 7 is a card game about playing the highest value card. Or having the longest sequence of cards. Or the most cards under 4. Or something else. The key thing is to be winning, and whilst that may seem a redundant statement, the key thing is if you’re not winning by the end of your turn, you lose. Each round you must play a card, and if that card doesn’t put you in the lead using the current rules, you have to change the rules as well. But before any comparisons to Fluxx start to fill your head with doubt, know this: it’s excellent, simple, streamlined fun. For one thing, you rarely draw cards, and simply cannot after a few rounds. Secondly, the ‘must be winning’ rule makes each game a quick affair. Thirdly, the win condition changes are all carefully balanced and thought through- giving you genuine decisions to make, especially in later rounds after cards have been removed. One bit of advice: if you have the best card in your hand (Red 7 at the start), you must play it into your tableau rather than changing the rules- highest value card is a tiebreak which will put all your opponents in a corner. Otherwise, just have fun. Red 7 plays up to 4 players in up to 10 minutes per round.


I hope to see you all on Saturday, and if not have a fantastic Christmas!


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