Ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong Christmaaaaas!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Christmas update. This update contains details of the Christmas meets, feedback from Saturday, some Christmas game purchase suggestions, and recommendation of the week. So lets go! There are only two (2!) Beyond Monopoly Meets now until Christmas. The first is this Friday 9th, 5pm until 9pm, Bar Convent. It’s our last Friday meet of 2016, so please come along for some festive gaming, and/ or non-festive gaming if you are currently suffering from Christmas overdose. Also, we don’t have that many (any?) festive games.

The final official BM meet of 2016 is next Saturday the 17th. Mark it in your calendars, and if you can it would be great to see people out for a meal in ‘Spoons after.

Last meet was our 7 Wonders tournament, and hopefully you’ve all read how it went (fantastically well). If not check out the most recent update. But was that all that happened at the last meet, you may be wondering? Of course not! Jim brought a new game Not Alone which I enjoyed very much and encourage Jim to bring it again and everyone to pester him to play it. We also played [REDACTED due to NDA], and that’s all I can say about that, except if you’d like to sign an NDA to play a game you can’t discuss in the pub afterwards then just find me and ask! Also loads of other games were played, including Splendour, which is always played, and Scythe, which we will buy at some point when one of our members wants to offload it on us, and others. Just too many to count.

Now it’s only 19 days until Christmas, so some of you may be wondering what games will make good Christmas gifts for the family, so here are some ideas for possible Christmas gifts:


  1. Anything by HABA for children. Very young? Animal Upon Animal Bit older? Rhino Hero Older still? Karuba. HABA make great games for kids and adults with chunky wooden pieces sensible age ranges and engaging gameplay. I’ve currently got 4 HABA games on my sofa for various nieces and nephews, and they better well enjoy them.
  2. Love Letter pricewise, timewise and simplicity of rules-wise Love Letter is a superb little stocking filler which is also an incredibly fun game. And if you’re worried about the theme, just get one of the other themes (anything from Adventure Time to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air*). It’s also small, which is a good thing for a stocking filler.
  3. Of course the breakout game of 2016, Spiele des Jahres winner, Codenames ought to be bought for anybody who doesn’t own it yet. I’ve pulled this out at family gatherings and ice-breakers at regional work meetings with strangers, and it’s gone down well every time. Superb game for everyone.
  4. Carcassonne: Winter Edition is the Christmas (winter) edition of Carcassonne, and a lovely Christmas gift for Christmas folk who you think would do well with a classic gateway, or who love Carcassonne and just can’t get enough.
  5. Agricola (revised edition) it’s just one of the best games ever, updated.


What else has happened? Oh yeah, thankyou to everyone who replied to my last update asking about what tournaments you’d like to see. 7 Wonders is definitely popular, but Ticket to Ride may be a good shout. Any more thoughts, let me know.

Couple more things: Thursday gaming at Travelling Man! Go down and play some games, and help spread the word of the club by teaching games to new folk and encouraging them to come along. Also holiday next year (check out this post: BONUS update: Join Beyond Monopoly! for a week’s board gaming in France) is filling up well, there are only a couple more spaces left, send us an email if you are interested, or ask at the club.

Right, time for the game recommendation of the week…



Kingsburg  is a worker (dice) placement game. Roll your dice, then place them where you can according to their pips. Top tip here is to look at what other people rolled to check where they can place, but don’t spend ages doing this- game considerately. After everyone has placed, go through the spaces from 1-18 doing the actions. Mainly collecting wood, gold and stone, but it can also be buffering your armed forces, and/ or checking out the scary monsters about to attack. Each season you can use your resources to build something for either points, abilities, or defence against the upcoming monstrous horde. Three seasons happen, and everyone happily builds their little village, and then in Winter the monsters attack. At this point you hope it’s just something weedy, and not an army of goblins about to destroy your buildings and steal your gold. The King sends some reinforcements with a roll of a die, and then you either reap the rewards, or sob into your smoking ruins of a wizarding school.

Kingsburg has a lot of nice touches, from the constantly changing turn order, which can benefit those with lower rolls; to the always present push-your-luck aspect, do you go for points and risk losing them all, or safety and risk losing the game; and even bluffing- when you’ve seen the winter beast, your reactions can persuade others to change course. At its heart is a well developed worker placement engine which keeps everything on track. Kingsburg plays up to 5 players in 90 minutes.


*I’m afraid Fresh Prince Love Letter doesn’t exist yet. Sorry.

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