#7Wonders tournament report

First, let me say thankyou to everybody who came, and hopefully enjoyed, our 7 Wonders tournament. Also thankyou for all the nice feedback I received, it really made it worthwhile to run it to see and hear so many people enjoying themselves boardgaming. We had 30 (!) people enter, which is our highest entry ever, and gave away a record (possibly) 17 prizes, many of which were either donated by Travelling Man, or sold to us at a price equivalent to donating, so take some time to visit their store and thank them by buying something, here’s their website: https://www.travellingman.com/ it’s not great to be honest, store’s better.

Congratulations to our winner, Guillaume, who’s name I can now hopefully pronounce if not spell. He was the proud winner of a 7 Wonders playmat and a game of his choosing, possibly he chose 7 Wonders, or Lost Legends, or something I else, I can’t recall. 2nd place was Flav, who also received a playmat and game, and 3rd place went to Ben, who didn’t receive a playmat, but instead a game of Jane’s choosing. There were plenty of other winners who received prizes, and even the losingest losers received prizes, and everyone took home an alternative palace art card for 7 Wonders, so if you do find yourself playing a game with a suprisingly high number of Palace cards being played, you know why.

So thankyou to everybody who took part, to Travelling Man for the prizes, to the Bar Convent for their stunning room in a perfect location, and for York City Council for their planning permission requirements regarding car parks. All of you helped make the day a true success. I hope to run a just-as-successful competition next year- the question being should we stick with 7 Wonders, or change to another game? Thoughts and comments appreciated.

That’s it for this update, there will be another later in the week all about Christmas! Specifically that we will be running gaming meets this Friday and next Saturday, but then no more until the new year. Until then, enjoy your prizes.


4 thoughts on “#7Wonders tournament report

  1. Paul Rhodes says:

    Thanks again for the tournament Mark!

    I’d quite like a Ticket to Ride (Europe) or Race for the Galaxy tournament. Doesn’t have to be the same time of year, could maybe have one per quarter depending on interest and prize availability?

  2. Andy Wilson says:

    Hi Mark, just to say thanks very much for organising the tournament – from Lisa, Sam and I. It looked like a lot of work to organise and we really appreciate you doing it on behalf of all of us who took part. As for next year, well, I’m a 7 Wonders fan so I’m biased but I’d like to see another 7 Wonders tournament and it’s got a lot going for it in being widely known, and quick to play yet still interesting.

    Thanks again,


  3. a_r_brown_esq says:

    This was my first 7 wonders tournament and I really enjoyed it.  Because 7 wonders is a short game for multiple players the tournament can be over inside a reasonable time frame. I can’t think of any other games which would fit quite so well.


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