7 Days until #7Wonders!

This is it! This Saturday, December 3rd, our 7 Wonders Tournament takes place, at the Bar Convent, get there for 10:45, with games beginning at 11:00*.

*Please note- normal Beyond Monopoly! boardgaming is still open from 10:00. So you could even fit in a game of Splendor (other 30 minute games are available)  before playing 7 Wonders if you fancied it. Or play other games which aren’t 7 Wonders all day, you crazy person.


We will play 5 games of 7 Wonders. Each round the winner gets 0 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 3 points, etc. After every round people will be seated using my amazing seating formula to play against people with the same number of points. After 3 rounds we’ll have lunch, then play the final 2 rounds. Whoever has the fewest points is the overall winner! And we do the prizegiving, with prizes for the top 3 players, top player on each table, and assorted prizes for other things. Those games up there are the prizes, along with some gift certificates for Travelling Man.

Each game should take up to 30 minutes. Please note, because it’s tournament play we do want everyone to make sure you know the rules. If you make a mistake and play a card you shouldn’t (duplicates, or cards without resources), you’ll instead have to swap the card for 3 coins. Any problems will be adjudicated by myself or another BM organiser, but I’m sure there won’t be any. If you are unsure on the rules and need a little reminder please check out the last blog post for a ‘how-to-play’ video.


And that’s about it. I’m finalising sign ups, and it looks like we’ll be on 5 tables (whoop whoop!), but there’s still space. So if you do want to sign up either let me know or be there by 10:45 and tell me then. The sign up form is on the previous blog post, or you can even tweet me! Yes, I’ll even start checking twitter, for this week at least.

Right, if that’s not enough, our game of the week is.

duh duh du-duh du- dundurrrrrrrrrrr…

7 Wonders


bgg link

So what makes 7 Wonders such a good game? The fact it scales well from 3-7 players (use Duel for 2)? The simplicity of the rules, yet depth of the choices? The scoring of science? The ability to completely stomp over your neighbours military-wise without ruining the game for them? The ability to put a stone card under you wonder, completely devastating your neighbours? Well, yes. All these things and more. Great art, quick, efficient gameplay, double-sided boards. We also have the Babel expansion, which I’ve never played with, but which I understand is excellent.


And there we have it.  Come play 7 Wonders with us! Show you’re the best in North Yorkshire! Then stay and play other things!


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