Friday gaming, and last call for #7Wonders players! Until next update at least.

[Obligatory: Meet this Friday, Bar Convent, 5pm-9pm. Play some of the hottest games of 2016 before the years out. Not that they go bad then or anything. Also gaming this Thursday at Travelling Man, get some great Christmas gifts and thank them for our 7 Wonders Tournament prizes.]

It’s nearly December, and that means I’ll soon stop pushing our 7 Wonders tournament, but then what? With the nearest convention after that being Airecon in Harrogate sometime at Easter, and no tournaments to think of, will the blog posts become barren? Perhaps just a brief recommendation of a game and that’s it? No! We’ve plenty to discuss, or at least, I’ve got plenty to post about, you can respond if you want (although it is nice if you do).

Anyway, hope you liked gaming on Saturday. It was great to see some social deduction games being played, alongside some classics (7 Wonders *cough cough*), and some new games (Dragon & Flagon- damn you Jim, although I believe everybody else suffered like I did at the end). Hope you liked them.

Now onto 7 Wonders tournament and prize update news. We’re almost requiring a 5th table given the number of players who have signed up, which is fantastic, and a cause for more prizes. So I’ve picked up a few more. More prizes, always good. At this point the only people reading this who haven’t signed up are either: away, Chris, or it’s your first time reading the blog in which case Hello! and please fill in the form below to sign up. If you are interested, but you don’t know how to play 7 Wonders, here’s a video on how to play:

I know it’s a bit long, but if you’ve never played before it’s better to understand fully than not at all. Also, if you get there early on Saturday and help me set up, if there’s enough time I can quickly go through any rules you’re unsure of.

(Sign up form below game recommendation of the week)

And now, my game recommendation of the week. It is, of course,



Dixit’s great, and it has the best art. It’s requires lateral thinking, creativity and social understanding. But how does Dixit work?

“Careful of the weather!”


Yeah that’s bad weather, Johnny Paper will need to be careful there.


Actually maybe that one, although the rainbow…


I suppose rain is bad weather, and the island needs to be careful, but that’s pushing it.


I’ve seen the movie Up! You definitely need to be careful of the weather.


Not sure what’s going on here (NB these asides are thought rather than spoken).


(I’ll let you work out this one)

So there you go. I said “Careful of the weather” and put in a card. Everyone else put in a card which they also thought matched the phrase “Careful of the weather”, including you (yours was the wolf one, you misheard me). Now all players need to guess which card I put in. If you all guess it I was too obvious, no points for me. If none of you guess it, I was too obtuse, no points for me. But if some of you get it and others don’t, it’s point city for me as well as those who guess it. You also get points if people guess yours (but lets be honest, they won’t in this case). After all guesses are made, the correct answer is revealed (see invisible writing at bottom of post for answer to this one!) and the next player becomes the storyteller.

Dixit is a modern classic and absolutely fantastic. So good in fact I propose the club buys the new expansion that’s currently out, even though we have an incredible amount of art cards for it, more is better. Dixit plays up to 12 in 45 minutes.



Which card did I upload for “Careful of the weather”: all of them of course, it’s just me doing this. Hidden writing!


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