#7Wonders Tournament Prize news!

As you all know by now, we are having an amazing 7 Wonders tournament on the 3rd of December, and you may even know we have 2 brand new copies of 7 Wonders with playmats to give away, kindly donated by Travelling Man, as well as the game Troll Hunt, donated by Roll D6. But what you didn’t know is that we now have even more prizes! Over £60 worth of brand new games! And in addition to that we’ve got something special:


We have multiple copies of the promotional alternate art Palace card to give away, one for every entrant (depending upon the numbers of entrants, but we should be fine)! NB- the alternate art card is the one on the right with the paintbrush.

If you haven’t sign up yet, you still can, just fill in the form below or speak to me this Saturday. Also, if you have a copy of 7 Wonders we can use on the day please let me know. Although saying that, we may have enough now, but let me know anyway.

Remember- Saturday 3rd December, try and get there for 10:45 for a 11:00 start. Big prizes! Fun games! And some smaller prizes! Bar Convent! York! 7 Wonders!


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