Learning & Brawling (& gaming, lots of gaming), this Saturday, Bar Convent

Good day everybody! Learning & brawling alongside the gaming will be the order of the day at our regular meet at the Bar Convent, 10am-9pm, Saturday 19th.


Learning, because one of the fantastic things about our club is the willingness of people to teach games. Every week I like to learn a new game (although last week I didn’t! The week before was 13 days, before that Tiny Epic Western, before that something else [my memory cuts out here]). This week our national Friedrich team are teaching Friedrich, and whilst I believe the seats are taken for this week (I’m on one of them), they are always happy to teach it if you ask.


After that I’ll be teaching 7 Wonders to anybody who wants to learn in time for the tournament on 3rd December (relatively large update concerning this soon, thought it best to give it an update of its own midweek). So if you’ve never played before, but the thought of £100s of games prizes appeals, and you’d like to learn an internationally renowned game, one of the best examples of a drafting game there is, then you’re in luck!

As well as that, all of us enjoy teaching our favourite games. I don’t think there’s been a meet where somebody hasn’t learnt a new game, and usually enjoyed it. So if there are any games in our collection you’d love to play but don’t know how- just ask.

Now onto the Brawling, with our game of the week, a new game for the club (and country)

The Dragon & Flagon


A druid, a cleric and a pirate go into a bar. Also a swashbuckler and a barbarian. And a monk. And then they all fight. The Dragon & Flagon is a bar brawl game, but it’s not about rolling dice and taking hitpoints. No, this game is about swinging from the roof, jumping on the table, throwing mugs at each other, pulling the rug out form beneath your foes feet, and general chaos. It’s a programmable action game (think RoboRally, or Colt Express), with getting hit and dazed (or drunk) results in you programming actions for later on, to unpredictable effect. The Dragon & Flagon plays with up to 8 players in about 60 minutes.

For those of you concerned about a lack of 7 Wonders updates here, don’t worry! There’ll be a separate update later this week.


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