Priory Centre this Friday! Travelling Man this Thursday! 7 Wonders Tournament in December!

All that there in the title. Welcome everyone! Those observant amongst you will notice that the Friday meet this week had been removed, but it’s now been reinstated at the Priory Centre! Here’s the website for the Priory Centre:

The centre itself is very close to the Bar Convent, a couple of minutes walk, just head down Micklegate and turn right down Priory Street to get to the Priory Centre. There is parking for you drivers. We’ll be there from 5pm-9pm.


Also this week on Thursday we will be at Travelling Man, which I forgot last week to my shame. For those of you who don’t know, perhaps you’re new to York, or you have an irrational fear of Goodramgate, either way Travelling Man is a great boardgaming shop in York with an upstairs all for board and card gaming. We will be there teaching games, playing games, and just being damned welcoming to potentially new boardgamers. Members of Beyond Monopoly get 10% off games in the store as well, so you should definately visit. Also they’ve given us a load of prizes for our amazing upcoming 7 Wonders Tournament!


Speaking of which, 3rd December is our 7 Wonders Tournament! We’ve already had a number of signups, but there are still places left. If you let me know using the link on the previous page or tell me in person I’ll give you a place. If you’re unsure, you should just come along on the day and we should have a spot. Also, if you have a copy of 7 Wonders we can play then please let me know, we’ve almost got enough now, but only almost- we still need more!

I think that’s it. A whole lot of gaming there. Let’s have a games recommendation of the week:

No Thanks!


“Isn’t that just a small quick card game with small plastic tokens?”

Yeah it is, but it’s great and I want to play it. For those of you unfortunate enough to have never played ‘No Thanks!’, it’s a game of holding your nerve, bluffing, bidding wisely, and lucking out. Each player wants to score as little as possible in this reverse bidding game. The game begins, a 33 point card is on the table. Obviously you don’t want it- it’s 33 points after all, so you turn it down. But that costs a token (worth negative points). That gets added to the card, the next 3 players do the same thing, and it’s back to you. Eventually someone acquiesces and takes the card, and whilst it wasn’t you taking the 33 point hit, it does mean you’re now low on tokens- a precarious position to have, because when you’re out of tokens, you have to take the card. A new card is turned over and play repeats, with careful managing of tokens key to success. So far, so fun, but the scoring system helps ramp it up a notch- if your cards form a straight (eg, 33,32,31) you only score the lowest card in that straight, meaning if the 32 card comes out the player with the 33 wants it, and if the 34 card comes out, the player with the 33 can make others pay up for them to take it. It’s a fantastically elegant system and game which I’ve described terribly, so I’ll just end by saying play it. You won’t be disappointed. No Thanks! plays up to 5 players (at least our copy does) in about 10 minutes, and if you’re wondering what to get me for Secret Santa then this is it.




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