7 Wonders Tournament Soon! #7Wonders (Plus, regular meet this Saturday)

Welcome to November, and with it, the beginning push of our 7 Wonders Tournament. First, a gentle reminder that this Saturday we have our regular first Saturday meeting at the Bar Convent, 10am until 9pm.

Now, a look at some of our 7 Wonders Posters:


December 3rd is our 7 Wonders Tournament! This is a fantastic sort-of annual tournament involving lots of games of 7 Wonders to find out once and for all who is the best 7 Wonders player in all of North Yorkshire. To the winner- pride, glory, and a choice from our wonderful array of prizes. To the losers- a lot of fun and for a significant number of them some of the other prizes from our array. In terms of prizes we’ve already been given a number of games, including 7 Wonders + playmats, but I’ll be getting some more and some vouchers, because there’s always something in Travelling Man worth getting.

So how does it work? On that Saturday turn up before 11am ready to play. You can sign up before that by sending me an email or asking at the club to guarantee a space, but hopefully we’ll have enough copies of 7 Wonders for 5 tables, possibly 6, allowing up to 35 (or 42) players. Make sure you know how to play, there won’t be any ‘take-backs’ in the game, and we’ll play five games of 7 Wonders. After each game you will be moved according to how well you did, and each player will be told which Wonder they are playing. Each game will last an efficient 30 minutes, just as a game of 7 Wonders should.

At the end, when all the points have been totted up, the winners from each table, and top scorers, and best in categories will come and collect prizes, and then everybody will be free to spend the rest of the day at BM! as normal. Playing your deservedly earned prizes.

The cost for this? Exactly the same as normal! £4 (£2 concessions), and for a full day of gaming, one of the best drafting games out there, and you don’t even have to wait for a rules explanation for the player who doesn’t know how to play, that’s a damn fine offer. Also: prizes.

Obviously everyone reading this is super interested and want to know what they can do to get involved. First if you want to play, and you do, send me a note confirming this below and I’ll give you a place.

Secondly, we need copies of 7 Wonders. If you have a copy you’re happy for us to play (and trust us- we know how to look after games) then please let me know on the form above. The more copies we have, the more people we can accommodate, and whilst we have copies from Travelling Man, I want to keep those in pristine condition for prizes.

And that’s it! Don’t worry if you wanted more updates about our 7 Wonders tournament, because we’re in for a month of them!


And our game recommendation of the week? Well, considering everything there’s only one* game it could be:


Article 27: The UN Security Council Game


Yes, with the US election a week away it’s time to get political. And nothing can sum up the current political climate than:






don’t you just hate fish?


The COST of TOP HATS and other things.

Yes, these are the issues we’ve been hearing a lot about during the US election, but now it’s time to settle those issues in the UN settings of Article 27. Each player chooses a country and then gets a secret agenda. Then each player learns their stance on each of 5 issues, and the Secretary General has 5 minutes to put forward a proposal people will pass. Just like in actual politics the key to the game is well placed bribes, collusion, and the use of the veto to prevent any meaningful legislation getting passed. This is a game of pure negotiation, and making sure you don’t give someone 8 points in order to get a measly 2 yourself. Article 27 plays with up to 6 negotiators in about 7 minutes per player.


*True, it could have been 1960 Making of a President, but the club doesn’t have it and I keep on forgetting to bring it. Although the last time was because I wanted to play 13 Days- The Cuban Missile Crisis (fantastic game by the way. New nickname for it: Twilight Fidget).

Or Die Macher, which we do own, but to my shame I’ve never played it. Which would have made this section really short.

But not 7 Wonders, that’ll be the game recommendation when we have the tournament of course!


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