Gaming at Travelling Man AND Fifth Saturday info!

Do you ever feel like you’ve done too much gaming? Me neither, and that’s why after an exhausting Airecon (great to see so many BM folk there! Please let me know if you think we should get a BM t-shirt like the other gaming groups seemingly have) we’re proud to announce 2 more gaming events this week:


On Thursday we begin BM @ Travelling Man, details below, helpfully bulletpointed…

  • It’s every Thursday, upstairs at travelling man.
  • It’s from 11:00 till 17:00, with no game starting after 16:00.
  • It’s free and open to the public.
  • Travelling Man have a stock of games that can be used for free.
  • We’re there to help, so if a member of the public is interested in the game being played, they are invited to join and taught how it works.
  • No hot food is allowed, but otherwise people can eat and drink, so long as they protect the games.

So if you want to come and help please do so, you may even be the recipient of a lanyard after our haul from Airecon (probably not until next Saturday though). Or even if you just fancy playing a game or seeing some friendly faces it should be a good shout. Also a reminder that we get 10% off games at Travelling Man, and they have Karuba at a stonkingly good price as it is, so go there.

Then, this Saturday, it’s the fifth Saturday of the month, which means a super special BM. Now this usually means BM at St Chad’s, but not this week. Instead it’s still at the Bar Convent, Sat 29th, 10am-9pm. What’s so special about it then? Well, not only will you get a discount on any of the games we’re currently selling, but if you bring along someone new entry is Free! (It’s also free if you’re new yourself, but that’s always the case). So introduce someone to boardgaming and benefit financially from it.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff going on soon- I’ll be posting info about BM on tour in France soon, so keep refreshing the page for that, and then it’ll be a full time post offensive for our 7 Wonders Tournament [successfully plastered all over Airecon, although I must apologise to the Airecon organisers for taking their blu-tack, I’ve actually got it here with me].

So now the game recommendation of the week. And because it’s Halloween I’ll just recommend Betrayal at House on the Hill again. To avoid wild accusations of laziness I’ll also recommend the expansion Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk which adds 50 more haunts, a roof, and a whole bunch of cards.

I’ll also recommend the other terrifying game we’ve got:

Wetland Ghost Stories


A spooky co-op, Ghost Stories has you defending a village from ghosts. And how many ghosts! Every turn there just seem to be more ghosts until your ghost hunters are no longer surprised by the appearance of ghosts. It’s like the end of Ghostbusters when there are just ghosts everywhere. It doesn’t start like that. You take out the ghosts as they come. But then you get a bit careless, and one left over ghosts leads to another until there hammering at the village walls and scaring the old men. How do you take out all these ghosts? With the good grace of dice and forward planning. Until you take out all the ghosts and the head ghost stomps all over you. Ghost Stories haunts 4 people in 60 minutes.


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