Gaming this Friday, and even more dates!

Hello everyone, and welcome to any new readers who we spoke to at GeekFest on Saturday. I had a superb time, so I hope if you were there you did to. Thankyou to all people who lent a hand, whether all day, or just what you could.

This Friday is our Friday evening gaming session, Bar Convent, 5pm-9pm. All* the games from Saturday will be there, so if one caught your eye, or you enjoyed it, it will be there. I know this because I just took them all there this afternoon, so if you’re first there you will have to take them out the IKEA bags, sorry.



Also more dates for gaming goodness: This Saturday is Airecon, which is being supported by the UKGamesExpo, and sponsored by Travelling Man. So if you want some more convention gaming there it is. If you are going I’ll be there, so say hi and join me and Fi in playing The Eagle Flies at Midnight (intriguing…) I can’t remember what else is there, so please click on the link above if you’re interested.


Is BM at Travelling Man! We will be there teaching games spreading the word etc, at this point I realise I can’t remember if we need volunteers. Or the times. So Mike (or anybody else going) if you let me know I’ll update it here.



We’re back at the Bar Convent. “But that’s highly regular” you may be thinking. But you’d be wrong: it’s a 5th Saturday! [To anybody reading this for the first time, our 5th Saturdays are usually at St Chads, an important distinction]. Because it’s the 5th Satruday, it will be a special day- if you bring someone for there first time at BM, your day is free! Also all games we’ve got for sale will be reduced by £1 (or more if you haggle). I just remembered I was going to take them to Airecon to sell them actually. Although that may not be doable.


Right, that’s enough dates for the calendar. Let’s have a game recommendation:

Betrayal at House on the Hill


A spooky mansion, a spooky room, an ordinary coal chute, but then a spooky flaming ghost on fire screaming through the room! Yes, Betrayal… is not for the faint hearted. For one thing you may have to betray your friends. But also there’s ghosts, skeletons, dust, a madman, werewolves, a big spear, dog, large book and even more. As your intrepid explorers search the mansion its layout gets revealed, and usually it neither sensible or architecturally sound. Doors to nowhere and underground lakes. As you explore you uncover creepy events and useful items. Until eventually the lights go dark (metaphorically) and one of you becomes the traitor. At this point the rules change, the betrayer has to go and read their new role and win condition, whilst the rest of the players read how to beat them. The game changes, now it’s no longer meandering about aimlessly, it’s now purposeful meandering. A horde of ghosts is trying to escape! Or there’s hidden gold in the house! Or the betrayer is now invisible and trying to kill you all! A vampire! As all players race to betray/ beat the betrayer, it draws to a climax. Now, occasionally the random layout and time the haunt begins can make the last stage a wash, but I’ve never not enjoyed playing it. Betrayal at House on the Hill plays up to 6 players in about an hour (time can vary).

Oh, and we’ll be getting the expansion soon.


Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Gaming this Friday, and even more dates!

  1. Scott Dennison says:

    Please can you confirm. Your post mentions this Friday, but the calendar does not. Is this Friday definitely happening?. I’m looking to come to my first meeting after being introduced to BM at GeekFest.

    • BMYork says:

      Yes it does Scott! Apologies for the calendar- on months beginning with a Saturday it goes out of sync and I don’t know how to change it. But BM! is on tomorrow Friday 21st from 5pm at the Bar Convent.

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