Friedrich Report

Good day, here’s a report from the recent Friedrich World Championships…

The 11th Friedrich World Championship was held in the baroque splendour of  the Schloss Friedricsfelde, set in the grounds of Berlin’s Tierpark. It was an international affair with players coming from The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany and USA. Andrew Brown and John McCullough represented both UK and BM!
Andrew and John both won 2 out of 4 games (both as Prussia/Hanover, Andrew also as France, and John also as Austria/Imperial Army). Commiserations to Andrew who came an agonising 5th out of 30 entrants with 39.2 points, thereby missing out on becoming the UK’s first ever finalist (which comes with Grandmaster status). John came 13th with a creditable 36 points. The winner was Martin Hoefer from Celle in Germany.

The game is a struggle for survival on the part of the Prussia/Hanover player, whilst the other three players who represent Russia/Sweden, Austria/Imperial Army and France have set objectives to capture before time runs out. If you think that a war game equals dice rolling let Friedrich show you that you are wrong! Friedrich is fought with playing cards making it essential that the players pick their fights very carefully – just as the generals of the 18th century would have done.

Andrew and John would love to introduce/reacquaint members of the club to this elegant war/strategy game based on the famous Seven Years War. Rather than face them, they would be happy to oversee any  beginners, improvers or just plain curious in a game. See either of them at the club or e-mail John at jjj_mccullough AT to express an interest.


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