Ignore the calendar, some of it at least

That one just there, on the right of the screen (not sure where it is on mobiles), because we have a meet this Friday! Bar Convent, 5pm until 9pm. Yes, we are slightly amending the schedule to a more sensible one to avoid the quirk of the calendar.

I hope you all enjoyed gaming last Saturday, I think I’ve had a gaming day par excellence. How many other people can say they enjoyed two games of Captain Sonar, 3 games of Room 25, as well as Scythe, Chicago Express, and Mansions of Madness? Well, those people who I played with I suppose, but they at least can’t claim an insanity-induced-mob-enabled-pyromaniac-victory in Mansions, surely the sweetest of all victories. Thankyou to everybody for a fine day of gaming, not that it’s unusual, I just feel the epithet of ‘North Yorkshire’s Friendliest Games club’ ought to be highlighted here a bit more, so there it is. I also want to say hi to all the new people who came along. I hope you had a great time, but if there’s anything we can do to improve you’re BM experience please let us know. That’s how our fetching lanyards came about, through feedback on Facebook, and they’ve already had a big impact (Jim leaving the country).

Geekfest! Not going to say much, that’ll be in next weeks update, but I’ve had a number of people ask if I need volunteers, and the answer will always be ‘yes’. However, I’ve been lax in actually keeping notes of who’s volunteered, so if you could send an email I’d appreciate it. Don’t worry if you can’t, it’s just so I know roughly how many and who will be there.

Game recommendation of the week



All aboard the airship to Celestia! Each player takes it in turns to be the pilot, rolling for hazards, then attempting to fight off the lightning-birds or storm-pirates, or nothing. But before they do each other player gets the opportunity to abandon ship, accepting that the pilot is actually rubbish at battling lightning and has crashed the ship because of lightning several times throughout the game. The players leave, then the pilot plays cards… and successfully navigates the hazard. Hurrah! The responsibility of pilot moves on and everyone else breathes a sigh of relief. Eventually either everyone wisely leaves the ship and collects points, it reaches the end, or it crashes and burns. If someone has got 50 points the player with the most points wins.

Celestia is an excellent push your luck game with some minor bluffing elements. Very quick to learn, easy to play and just a lot of fun. Celestia plays up to 6 people in about 30 minutes.



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