Zombie Apocalypse at Skelton Grange

On behalf of one of our regulars Chris, here’s some information about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, hopefully contained to just Skelton Grange.


Are you a fan of ‘Dead of Winter’? Well, now for two nights only, you can be one of the characters in that game but you won’t have to roll that dodgy d12! Your actions will decide your fate!

On the evenings of Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October Skelton Grange Environment Centre in South Leeds is once again running my Zombie Apocalypse interactive event. It’s suitable for adults and older children, lasts about an hour and involves being both outside and inside so bring a coat, shoes that might get muddy and a torch.

Groups of up to six people can book a start time (6.00, 6.15,…) and will receive a briefing before heading out into the woods. Their adventure includes an immersive story, a variety of challenges and the chance to see whether they would actually survive a zombie apocalypse. Not everyone does. The price also includes a sausage sandwich at the end and the chance to swap hair-raising tales with other survivors and the recently deceased! Here’s the feedback from last year:

Loved it. Thanks. We were a party of 3: 2 x 14 year old boys and a mum. We all enjoyed it. Creative, challenging and genuinely frightening.

This was EPIC – Scary & fun! So much effort was put into this immersive fright night world. Thank you for a brilliant evening of adventure and terror.

Absolutely brilliant! Never ever doing it again! Thank you.

We didn’t survive! Enjoyed the last bit most! πŸ™‚

Very, very scary. It scared the life out of me and my family. But overall it was spookily amazing.

It was really good and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the van!

Great experience! So much thought has clearly been put into the making of this fantastic night! Loved the morgue bit.

Absolutely terrifying!

Best worst experience of my life!

I think the zombie apocalypse was very fun! The anticipation before was really exciting!!! I would like to come again next year! The zombies were scary and the way it was set out was good!

Really enjoyable but scary experience. Some great Zombies and some nerve wracking moments. Thanks.

Very very very scary, so much of the unknown.

Great stuff Skelton Grange! Enjoyed the interaction – very scary! πŸ™‚

Such a great experience. Everyone was wonderful πŸ™‚

Amazing effort from all the volunteers. Thanks for making it so scary!!

Wonderful experience. Frightening and exhilarating for the whole group.

Really good evening – very well thought out – really impressed.

Particularly ‘enjoyed’ the car and the final room. The guardhouse was also excellent.

I’m blown away! Brilliantly curated and excellently delivered. Genuinely scary, but wonderful! Felt like I was in Evil Dead II! (Resident Evil)! – Awesome!

I’d like to say it was fun but I was so scared I nearly cried – I’m 34! 😦 Well done Zombies and Skelton Grange staff!

It was much more than I was expecting. Very good atmosphere and acting. Very well planned and thought out. Clever puzzles and very scary in the lab.

First time here – really good fun. I LOVE ZOMBIES but realise I’m not as brave as I thought. Loved the bit in the lab.

A fantastic evening. Absolutely brilliant. Will definitely come again next year. Loved the small groups, made it feel more real. Actors brill, believable. Van the best, and the scientist in the lab was crazily believable – realized I love being terrified!!! Such an amazing event!

The event is at Skelton Grange Environment Centre in South Leeds, 4 minutes drive from J44 on the M1. It’s at the end of Skelton Grange Road but don’t use a sat nav as that will take you miles away. Here’s the link to book tickets:


If anyone doesn’t feel brave enough to have a go, volunteer zombies areΒ  welcome for one or both nights. Speak to me (Chris Barnard) or contact Skelton Grange direct.

Please forward this to anyone who you think might be interested and thanks for reading.

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